4D system in Malaysia

In general, the Malaysia 4D System and strategy is also based on the BnX formula, both are basically using a mathematical and statistical approach, I would be able to determine what base numbers will be used by the 4D games operator in Malaysia for example Magnum 4D, Da ma cai 4D and Toto 4D for a particular week’s draw.
In every 2 draws, how many times would you guys noticed that a 4D numbers opens in Magnum 4D, would have the chance to be drwan in Toto or Da ma cai later. In some condition,the numbers that interchange between the operators could be in top prize too.Perhapd, let’s me give you all an example,

Let’s turn back to the history on 15 Aug 2009 for the saturday darw. The 4D number for first prize was 4380 in Magnum however 0348 opened as frist prize in Toto 4D. Now, we look into another draw on the next following day, on Sunday 16 Aug, 3408 opened at second prize in Da ma cai 4D !

Isn’t that cool as all happened within 2 draws! More Sharing on lottery experiences on on the next day, stays tune.

More ways to predict your 4D winning numbers

How does it work to identify the 4D numbers? How you going to ensure the selected 4D numbers have the higher probability to get drawn for the next lottery result? I am pretty sure many of us will just apply a random number instead and others might imply any numbers that is associated with a certain events such as your date of birthday or wedding date & etc.
Have you wonder how accurate and significant of those mentioned ways to select your 4D numbers? I guess only the credit must goes to regular punters. Based on my personal experience, i called it as ” data crunching” will normally occured in the early years of my programs, many of the patterns that keep coming out to determine which methods or groupings that one should play reflects the similarity that these punters used.

The question now is that which betting 4D strategy should adopt to gain higher probability to strike the 4D games. Puy yourself like a punter, you will know that you cannot pin-point a particular 4D number as a winning number. There always will be a “pattern”. In other words, you probably have to put in a few dollars extra to ” catch ” that winning lottery numbers. Happy winning.

4D Game: Laying out the “Net”

What would you guys interpret for ” Net” in 4D games? I normally name it netting for an obvious reason. As far as we concerns, we clearly aware that there is no certain ways for us to predict any 4D winning number combinations so we can try another way round

I call it netting for obvious reasons. Since we know for certain that we can’t really predict a winning number, we can try to net that elusive 4D winning number from a ” winning group” if we are quite certain that winning group has a probability of 80% and above of winning chances.

Let’s go through a very simple example below:

Assumed that the 4D ” Winner ” is stays within the group with 100% probability, I bet you would probably go for it.But at the same time let me tell you this grouping consist of over 10,000 4D numbers then you will have to think twice!

Now, if I’m telling you the 4D ” Winner” is stays within the group with 80% – 95% probability, you may go for it.
But if I’m telling you this grouping has only 100 4D numbers, what do you think?

Definately, It is much more easier to spot that 4D winning numbers within this group compare to others.

Happy winning!

[Part 2]: Spot your 4D pattern

Let’s continue our discussion on the ways to identify the 4D pattern in our ways. Always keep that in your mind that any 4D number combination are only good to bet for up to 3 weeks only. Their probability of winning is reducing gradually after all. In some countries where they apply Pick3 and Pick4 system, we need to analysis with at least 15 draws 4D results to better identify the trend.

I am still searching for any reliable resources for your guys to download any lottery program so that you can add in your own draws data in any country to predict winning numbers for Pick3, Pick4, 6/49 Lottos (or any other Lottos). No guarantee the site will allow you in without recommendations. Any donations of $10 will get a third party recommendation and set of 10 numbers. Rejection by the site will get your $5.00 refund back.
My eBook should be ready by August and I will also give away 3 of my earlier version programs. It still does the same thing like predict numbers, checking frequency or computing probabilities and percentages of “hitting a winner”. It was written in Qbasic language. You can alter, modify or do whatever you want and keep it and sell as your own program under your own copyright. Or you can buy it now for $9.90 and I will send it to you. Its easy even if you don’t know programming.

Play at your own discretion, Happy Winning!

Spot your 4D pattern

There is always a pattern in all 4D games and if you have not yet managed to spot it out then you should have pay more attention in my 4D analysis below. In general, i named the grouping as 2b1s/2s1b in any given draw

[4D game] 2b1s – 2big 1small
[4D game] 2s1b – 2small 1 big
In every draw there is either a group belonging to 2b1s or 2s1b. In the 6 draws, 6 winning numbers belongs to 2s1b and 7 winning numbers belongs to 2b1s.

Imagine guys if you are following my 4D grouping strategy, you would have stand your chance to win up to 13 times!Some of the time even if we just bet lottery game in either 2s1b or 2b1s, you would have stand your chance to strike 4D for at least 6 TIMES! In average, you should strike lottery once in every draw so it is almost a guaranteed winning 4D game in every draw if you just bet 2s1b OR 2b1s. Betting on 4d game on 2big 1small is easier than betting on 1/10,000 numbers!

The next term that i am going to introduce is “filtering”, it goes through 3 YEARS of data and start “kicking” out those numbers that shouldn’t be there. The 4D result is a group or series of 4D numbers that shows 80% and above probability. Sometimes it can be 5 to 10 numbers but its much, much better compare to 1 in 10,000. For more details so please check out E-Book for many other methods which the program incorporates which YOU can emulate without the program.

Strike & Win 3D & 4D games – My Personal experience

In our old time, we used to ask how we could stand a chance to win any 4D games  to change our living standard. Can we actually strike a winning at these 4D games?

Ask a question for yourself now, Do you really want to win the 4D games? OF COURSE WE WANTED TO! LOL!! Then simply to read on and find out more.

First of all, a small story to shared with your guys that i used to know an elderly lady who is so crazy to visit to land based casinos, she told me that she had tons of fun during her visit because she know excatly how to pick up a winning numbers all the time! I asked her how it work actually and she smiled and replied to me: That’s my secret Young man!!
What i did was to stay behind her and observed her betting pattern, i found out that she is betting on almost every number for RM1 on the casino table. I questioned the lady for her move then she questioned me back ” Have you ever picked a winning 4D number?”. I replied ” Once in a while”. She continued and remarked, “See, you are not as smart as I am! I ALWAYS picked a winning number!”.

The difference between her and us are that WE are greedy and she is out for fun. It is this difference that gives us the high odds. If the odds are lower and if we have a better chance of coming up with a winner, then we feel happier.

[Part 2]: 4D Number Game, feels the art of numerology – Toto, Magnum & 3D

Let’s focus on how to analyze certain groups of 4D numbers in order to increase your chance of winning so that you probably do not just burn your hard earned money. Maybe we can start from what i have learned from my 4D analytical data or 4D predictions so your guys can also do the same analysis at your side to gain a higher chance of winning. Many of you might think of taking advantages of the global financial crisis and grab some easy col hot cash by splashing your money into 4D number games.

You should have that mind set out of your mind by now. I would rather highly suggest you all to keep your hard earned money for good use and only make use a small portion amount to test out your luck in the lottery games. Bet smart to gain better chance of winning in your 4D games.  The question now is how to play SMART and strike the winning from Magnum 4D, 3D, Toto 4D or Da Ma Cai 4D

Things you MUST know before place a bet for your 4D prediction:

1)      Reserved some of your 4D winnings, do not throw all your money on the next draw.

2)      Never predict for your 4d winning number combination, you are not GOD

3)      Pay attention to the patterns in each draw, it might be a little hints for you.

4)      Never go for big amount for one 4D number combination, diversify your purchase to increase your chance of winning

5)      Do not brood a certain 4D number for an ages, that’s means  you are betting on the same number until it appears

6)      Always remember that repeating 4D number has a lower chance of getting drawn


4D Number Game, feels the art of numerology – Toto, Magnum & 3D

I am sure many of us has tried out the “game of numbers” at least once in our life to test out our luck. We always questioned ourself, it is a 4D game, pure of luck or the game of skills.
During our school times, community games, public gatherings or betting shops. But most of us just “guess” the numbers, be it a 1,2,3 or 4 digits. Of course there are other variants but we shall not go into it.We are only trying to analyse the simple logic of increasing our chances of correctly “predicting” certain numbers or sets of numbers.How do we choose a set of numbers?
Either one or more of the following methods.
1. Base on our birthdays.
2. Using house addresses, street names or numbers.
3. A lucky number from an “unlucky” car accident. (Popular Malaysian method)
4. Consult an “expert” or a “medium”.
5. Use a “number generator” tool.
6. Simple guessing.
7. Analyse past records and patterns.
* IMPORTANT: Any of these methods do not guarantee the outcome of PREDICTING numbers! Enjoy your 4D number game

“Free Wheel” Tips for 4D

I am here to giving away “free wheel” to bet for your 4D numbers. Frankly, there are 3 types of wheel you can choose from to come out your 4D number combination:

Type 1: 4D full Wheels, it normally covers all possible combinations of the selected set of lottery numbers.

Type 2: 4D Key Wheels, Use a key wheel when you are sure that a certain number will definitely show up in the lottery results.

Type 3: 4D Abbreviated Wheels, it does not cover all possible 4D combinations, but guarantees at least one winning ticket if a certain amount of numbers drawn fall within your wheeled number set.
Now, Simply choose any 5 numbers and then replace them with the alphabets.As a result, you should be able to get a minimum of 2 correct numbers if you you have 2 in your “pick”

Here we go: pick your 5 numbers A, B, C, D, E

and you Wheel will probably looks like below:


Here’s how to place a bet:

If play straight at RM 1 per number- cost- RM5.
If Boxed at RM 1 per number – cost – RM 5 x 6ways = RM 30
If requires wheel for 6,7,8 or 9 numbers, please email me. Will appreciate a donation if you like my post.

Wana make some good money? Bet on 4D at RM3.00 pays RM2,000,000!

Good Luck

The 4d number selection method – The Wheeling Method.


There are several methods in the market to allows punters to select their 4D numbers favorite lottery games, besides the popular local vendor’s generated “Easy-Pick” or “Quick-Pic”.
The “wheel” method is one of the most common method among the 4D players and many of them manage to strike the lottery winning by using this tactics because it concidered among the most popular for generating lottery numbers combinations.
In fact, to impply this mehtods, it only strictly imply to Toto’s Jackpot6/42, Super 6/49 or Mega 6/52 or any other lotto games. I would highly recommended this strategy, it probably gives you a higher probability to win the 4D game and if you need an even higher probability, then you MUST form a syndicate. Single individual you cannot afford a ” wheel ” to have a very high winning chance because this strategy usually to pick 20 numbers out of 42, It is almost half of all numbers!

That is why punters and lottery programs uses this so much to emphasize their winning success methods.For your information, there are many types of wheels and each has their own guarantees.Good Luck!