Does Feng Shui helps you to improve your 4D prediction

We have discuss the effect of Feng Shui in our previous post so today, i am going to continue on this topic and see how Feng Shui can actually improve your 4D prediction in our lottery games.

Enter the Dragon
Dragons in Chinese culture are stand for the ultimate good luck & fortune symbol, it does really contribuate their positive energy towards on your 4D prediction. Normally, you would like to keep a pair of the chinese dragon in your living room or bed room because it will brings you more positive energies needed for the 4D prosperity.

Perform Random Acts of Kindness

In china, we believe that the good deeds are one of the good ways to change your luck especialy your 4D luck. I personallly highly suggest your guys to donate the blood as it is one of the most easy way plus you could probably save someone’s life through this simple donation. Believe it or not, this is the excellent choice to boost up your luck in your 4D games.

Do you care to try the above? Happy winning 4D.

How Feng Shui helps you to strike 4D

In Chinese, i am pretty sure they believe in fend shui and it does help them to have a higher winning rate in the 4D games. The actual fac is that everyone can make yourself a lucky person. There is always a way so if you really think feng shui can helpe you to win more money from 4D game then please feel free to see below tips:

1)Do more charity
There are many charities units around Malaysia like house of senior citizens or kidney dialysis center. You can actually help them by giving money or time. And if you sow the seed of making people richer and happier, what would you reap?

2)Keep a Clean Mouth
The front door of your house represents your mouth, and it’s also where the lucky Chi energy can enter to you house and bring you more fortunate in 4D games. Make sure that you always keep the front door of your house tidy. Do not putting rubbish or thorny plants near the front door as this dissipates the amount of good energy entering your home
3)Stay near the Auspicious Energies
In Feng Shui, there are many famous good luck charms could help you in your 4d prediction such as Lucky I-Ching Coins. Use them and keep in your wallet, stay closer to your lottery ticket to attract extra money to you. Lots of people strike their 4D numbers when they started to practice this.

Do you think the tips will really work for you in your 4D game? I am a happy go lucky person so never try never know!


Part 2: 4D software

I am just impressed with all the 4D software available in the market and almost every software claimed that their system is easy to use, do not require any historical result, experience and can start winning 4D.

Believe it or not, some software even provide the one-to-one practical 4D training course. Throughout the training, you can get hand on experience to learn 4d prediction strategies to win the profits, such as: Fibonacci Pair Numbers Formula, Timing System, Signal Alert, Gearing System, Technical Graph Analysis & Budget Management. As we mention, learn “how to fish” is very important because it benefit you forever.
Forecast Hot lottery Tips: Magnum, Damacai & Toto 4D forecast hot tips post by every draw in the system, predicted by the SureKena Physic & Math Expert Team.
4D, 3D, 2D & 1D Timing Signal System: Show the frequence and timing summary of box and straight numbers by various position.
Magnum+Damacai+Toto 4D Jackpot Pairing Numbers: Search the best matching pair 4D numbers.
Number Positioning: Suggest the best positioning of 4D number.
Online Update: Auto-updated Magnum, Damacai & Toto 3D, 4D & 4D Jackpot result and statistic.

4D software

There are too many 4D system/software available in the market, designed for lottery beginners to advanced 4D punters. Many of the system claimed that to put you in control of the simplest to the most advanced 3D & 4D analysis feature you can possibly think of. Their system is applicable for all major operators such as Magnum, Damacai & Toto.
The system will guide you to bet on 4D smartly by minimizing your investment and increases your chance of winning so with its powerful functions and analysis tools, it fits the way you want to analyse and pick your winning numbers.

This sounds very promising so the question is what do you think? How reliable of the system and the percentage of winning the 4D?

4D Lottery Prediction Talisman

I am pretty sure all the lottery punters out there surely wana to strike the 1st prize in the 4D game thus Strike your 1st Prize in 4D in Talisman seems like the most suitable mind set to be keep all the lottery folks who just want to focus on how to win 4D Lottery. This might be best used to seel or we call it as 4d prediction to foresee the upcoming first prize in the 4D games, some folks migh say this will help you to improve your luck and chance of winning in the lottery. What do you think?
The best part of this”Strike 1st Prize in 4D ” in Talisman is that you can run your 4D prediction in every lottery draw. Conclusion: Do you think winning 4D or lottery is an easy job? Happy winning

Gods Of Wealth Of All Directions in your 4D Games

Have anyone here heard of “Gods Of Wealth Of All Directions” Talisman and the “Multi-Wealth Attraction”Talisman. How does these concept could help you to have a better winning change to strike 4D games? Well! There is no free lunch in all the lottery game thus “Gods Of Wealth Of All 4D Directions” Talisman is a multi-purpose Wealth Bringing Talisman. It can be used to predict the upcoming 4D Numbers, which will hit on a top 3 Prizes in the lottery games. The beauty of “Gods Of Wealth Of All 4D Directions” Talisman is that you couls easily hunt for your 4D winning number for all major operators such as Toto, Magnum, Da Ma Cai, you can get winning lottery number combinaton for almost every draws

“Gods Of Wealth Of All Directions” Talisman is kept for:
* Improve Your Luck In Striking Lottery
* Unsuspected Monetary Gain
* Sudden Windfall
* Success In Business Ventures
* Free From Financial Difficulty
* Predict the 4D / Toto / Lotto Numbers

The power of Chinese Gods in 4D games

Among the oldies Chinese in Malaysia, i think most of them will believe that Chinese Gods Of Wealth is one of the powerful tool to sort out the winning 4D numbers!

So the question is that do we really need to seek help from the ghost / ghosts for your 4D numbers? Some of you may also want to pay and get engage with the service of a Taoist Master who can guide you to a graveyard and do a ritual to summon a ghost in order to provide you with a set of sure Win 4D Numbers. Believe it or not, i am sure many of the oldie Chinese did that just to feel the winning strike of lottery number or get a better hints for their up coming 4D prediction.
In return of this efforts, you probably need to pay and the payment terms could be burning of a stack of Hell Notes or doing a Ritual / Prayer for the ghost’s early rebirth, or help him / her to seek revenge on someone still alive.

Is this sounds logic for you all to get the ” win” in your 4D game? I will left it to you for your own judgement.
Happy winning 4D!

The power of deity in your 4D games

In our old time especially our parents were always use to approach the Deity just to ask for the winning 4D numbers and usually the Deity will scold your parents for wasting his time and not entertain your parents. Just be sure that the Deity who you going to ask for is one of those that will give 4D Numbers. The problem is most of the time, the Deities who are giving consultation to Human Folks, they are not interested to provide any 4D Lottery Numbers. The deity will also probably inform your parents that people who have more important problems to be settled than giving your Winning 4D Lucky Numbers.

Depending on your condition, in any event if you are in a desperate situation for Money, just tell the Deity the truth, he might be kind and perform some study and provide some good solution for you. One of the solution may be the winning 4D Number, to let you feel the winning strike. The fact is that you probably can ask for the winning lottery numbers once a while or the deity will provide confirm sure win lottery numbers during their yearly important festival of the particular Wealth Providing Deities.
There is no free lunch in this world so you probably can not ask for the lottery number on every 4D draw or asking for the winning 4D numbers, this is not particle.

The EGO Problem in 4D games

“I want 4D Results to follow what I buy to come out” – This is a typical EGO PROBLEM among all the 4D punters. LOL!! Who doesn’t want that huh? The actual fact is that there is no way for you and me to get in control of the 4D Results to follow the numbers that we buy. If we could, we probably are one of the millionaire.
All you have to know is just to spot the 4D numbers that will come out on the 1st Prize ( Or one of the TOP 3 Prizes) and buy that Winning Numbers!I have a crazy rule – DON”T BUY 4D LOTTERY Without the help and support of Deities or Ghosts. You know what the chances of striking 4D with Your own personal numbers is 23 / 10000 = 0.0023%
The chances of You to strike 4D with a TOP 3 PRIZE with your own personal numbers is 3 / 10000 = 0.0003%

Now, You know why You will never strike 4D Lottery anytime you want.

Popular 4D numbers – Magnum

How anyone ever trying to study what the popular 4D numbers that always being drawn among the major lottery operators in Malaysia. I have done a comphensive research for your guys. These number could give us some significant feedback on how you want to predict your 4D winning combination and decide your bet amount. Let’s us review the top five 4D number from Magnum:

Top five 4D numbers & its frequency

3385 – 22 times
2154 – 21 times
3558 – 21 times
9800 – 21 times
2572 – 21 times

i strongly believe 90% of 4D punters in the market are always buying their lottery numbers derived from their houses, birth date, handphone numbers , car numbers etc. This is the main problem why they never strike 4D / Lottery or only strike 1 time every few years. With this historical 4D result, it give you a better view on which lottery mumber you should focus on for Magnum 4D.

Happy winning!