4D Hot prediction for the month of Jun


I have just finish my 4D analysis for the month of Jun. As per the finding of my analysis and i would like to make a proposal for the 4D prediction as below for all major lottery operators in Malaysia:

Without wasting time, here is my 4D prediction:


I will go for these 4D number combination >> 8157 2731 2768 1545 8938 9189


I will go for these 4D number combination >> 1057 7321 8267 3668 1150 6286


I will go for these 4D number combination >> 9140 5026 7648 1138 3100 4161
Please bet at your own risk and happy winning!


4D combination formula

In general, we always see there is four 4D numbers are trapped in the unfiltered list and always only two 4D numbers are making their ways to the final list. For example , this 4D number – 1579 which came in MBOX second prize in Magnum 4D was trapped in the main list but did not make it to the Final Prediction List.

From the 4D prediction given earlier, 2369 came in TOTO 4D as starter prize and 1459 came in Da Ma Cai 4D as consolation prize. 1263 a direct lottery number given in TOTO turned out to come as 9263 as starter. Though not a good catch as 4th November with multiple top prize and direct first prize, it is still not a too bad picks and you may want to try again this week.Happy Winning!

[Part 2]Tips To Master Your 4D Prediction

Let’s continue our discussion about 4D prediction yesterday, we can use so called 4D pattern software to decode the game code and provide the important information such as the frequency and sequence being followed by the 4D game you are going to bet. The 4D prediction strategy based on the game pattern will make you sounds like a more systematic player rathan than a lottery punters. Remember a study of the history of the lottery game you play will funnel you towards 4D predicting the right winning numbers.

For this pattern strategy, it required you some practice and better help you to make a better bets for the nest 4D draw. This software will allows you to keep all the database of your 4D games history so you can easily perform a comparison of their probability and displays the output in forms of graphs and charts, just to give you best 4D number combination for the next draw. Believe it or not, using this 4D pattern strategy and software, it could probably drive you consistent profits from your investment in the 4D game. Let’s excel the lottery game by number & calculation rather than by chance or luck. Happy winning and who know you might be the next millionaire.

Tips To Master Your 4D Prediction

Do you manage to figure out which 4D numbers will appear in the next up coming lottery draw? I am pretty sure all of us will reply with a big NO so just keep reading to find out the YES as it just require a little more efforts.You do not have to be math genius or a scientist to get accuracy in the 4D numbers that you 4D predict for the next draw.Almost everylottery players think that since the drawn process is done randomly so this definately can not be calculated or predicted.

The truth is that the 4D winning numbers make a pattern which they follow in a certain sequence. this could be easily be decoded from all the lottery games history from the majotr 4D operators such as Da Ma Cai, Toto. I have a few tips to excel your 4d perediction by calculating the winning numbers.I called it as the lottery 4D pattern technique and it requires you to keep a track of the winning 4D numbers you have bet. You can do that by recording them on an e-book or if you find it difficult then use the lottery pattern software. This software will make it very easy for you to analyze the pattern being followed by the lottery game you play. Happy Winning!

[Part 3] 4D system in Malaysia

As per my example like the base 4D number is 0127, i will just break the lottery number in to a group of individual 3D’s that make up 0127.

Therefore, i would concluded that the 4D base number has been breaked as below:




As soon as you have finalized your 4D base numbers for a week then all you have to do is to place a bet all the draws in all three counters for the whole duration of a particular week including special 4D draws if any. Based on my research and harwork, i am managed to come up a list of 5 to 12 numbers to be bet in all major 4D games from Magnum 4D, Da Ma Cai 4D and Toto 4D every week so why don’t you?
Do not underestimate the outcome of this formula, you will probably get impressed. If you would prefer, just refer to the exact format of tips that I mentioned a while ago. I am also writting up some weekly 4D prediction for Magnum & Toto where you could subcribe for a free trial for Malaysia clients. I will keep this posted for you all.

Happy winning guys!

[Part 2] 4D system in Malaysia

As the current economic situation, i noticed that most of the 4D lottery operators in Malaysia has tighten their operational cost and become more stingy so what particular 4D winning numbers you think will have the higher chances to come at top prize ? It is the numbers that the 4D operators have to fork out the least amount of money in terms of payout.

Let’s remember, the numbers that are coming for that particular week are numbers that requires least amount of pay out. That is why you can see the winning numbers move around the three counters within a short period of time.
For a particular week, for one reason or another, since most of the people will also bet in all three counters, the numbers that the 4D operators that have at their disposition to be opened for a particular draw is limited as people are buying same numbers at all the counters. Remember, the numbers that are coming for that particular week are numbers that requires least amount of pay out. That is why you can see the winning 4D numbers move around the three counters within a short period of time.

So, my BnX formula will be able to identify what base numbers that will be played for that particular week. Normally, the base number will be a 4D number which is common to all three counters that is Magnum 4D, Kuda and Da ma cai 4D.