Magnum 4D is calling for all ladies


Magnum 4D has relaunch the ladies luck campaign again so all ladies feel free to come and collect your fabulos prizes, valid till 7th Sep 2014. This is arround, all the ladies stand a chance to walk away more fantastic prizes include, a newly designed Naga Nail Clipper and umbrella with 3 designs, thermos mug, cosmetic pouch, CLIO eye liner, eye lashes, sports towel, nylon bag, pen and tissue pack. There are also 4D Classic and 4D Jackpot Lucky Pick tickets to be won. Ladies, make use of this lottery opportunity to boost up your chance of winning and who know it might bring you more fortunate.

Guess what for the top prizes? It include Tomei jewelry cash voucher worth RM 3,000, RM1,000 Sen Heng Electrical Voucher and Parkson cash voucher worth RM 500.


How to Win?

Ladies, Please follow these 3 simple steps

1. Present an original or printed leaflet (from Magnum 4D Facebook in color), fill up your personal particulars on the leaflet

2. Answer the questions stated on the leaflet.

3. Purchase a minimum of RM4 (RM2 4D Classic + RM2 4D Jackpot) at any participating Magnum outlets within the promotion period and you will get a chance to dip for these irresistible prizes.
Happy Winning 4D!

Magnum 4D Million ringgit draw

Magnum 4D is calling all the regular lottery punters as they are offering you an exclusive chance to your lovely event a memorable one with double blessings & good fortune. Now, you must asking how to participate for this contest? Very simple, all you have to do is to registered yourself with Magnum 4D for your event for example, your wedding dinner, company annual dinner, birthday party or any other special events. Magnum 4D will come over to your event and set up a Magnum 4D draw there. Remember, this could change your life! For the grand prize,Magnum 4D will reward you and all of your guests with RM 1 Million.

This special campaign is bought to you by Magnum 4D in appreciation of many years of loyalty and continuous support from all the lottery bettors.

Two 4D jackpot is strikes in a day at Da Ma Cai

This is the highlight in 4D world as there are 2 lucky winners who have strikes the Da Ma Cai 1+3D Jackpot worth more than RM 604,000. The lucky winner have been betting on his favourite set of 4D numbers in a System 4 combination for the last 3 months persistently. On the same day, another lucky winner also walk away with Da Ma Cai Jackpot 2, worth more than RM201,000.
the lucky 4D winner felt very thankful to the sale assistance at the counter who persuaded him to try his luck by buying some Lucky Pick tickets. It happened that the lucky combination numbers of 5265 and 475 had brought him such great fortune in his 4D games. For you information, Da Ma Cai Jackpot is a brand new 4D game where there were 3 lucky winners have already won the lottery jackpot prize. As per Da Ma Cai, lots of lottery punters out there are hoping they will be the next winner to strike the Jackpot worth RM 6.5M. This 4D jackpot is still growing since 2014.

Just within a month ago, a lucky Da Ma Cai customer took home RM8.6 million from winning both the 1+3D Jackpot and the 3D Jackpot in a single day.

RM 10.6 Million was wiped away from Da Ma Cai 4D Jackpot

The lucky winner who walked way with this 4D Jackpot is in his late 50 and has been a regular punter with Da Ma Cai, persistently betting on his favorite numbers, derived from his vehicles’ registration number. Finally, these number made up the winning winning 1+3D Jackpot combination that is prized at RM10.6 mil. He claimed that his sister contacted him and informed his that he has won the jackpot and it was not a joke on sunday night. He could not believe it until his son confirmed the 4D jackpot result on Da Ma Cai official website. He strikes 10 million jackpot.

“I played the same numbers combination every draw for more than a year and dreamed of the joy of winning the jackpot. Here I am in reality”, the winner told of his delight.

The winner from Selangor said that he would continue his contribution to charity, which he does on a monthly basis and would think carefully on how to spend his fortune wisely for his retirement.

As per Da Ma Cai 4D, there is another big jackpot is waiting for the next lucky winner, it could be you. Many of the punters out there are hoping they will be the first to walk away this jackpot worth RM 6.8 million.


4D Ticket Validity

I am sure you will probably visit to your nearest 4D outlet if you win your lottery on the next following day. Cant wait to collect your 4D winning, isn’t? LOL

However, here are some additional info if you own a 4D winning ticket, it will normally valid for 3 months from the date of the lottery draw and also need to fulfill the below requirements:

1) The winning ticket is valid in respect of only the draw date, draw number, combination of numbers and category of game as printed on the front portion of the ticket.
2) The ticket must be certified by the central computer of Pan Malaysian Pools Sdn Bhd through the validation process.

3) The ticket must not be cancelled or recorded as a cancelled sale in the records of the central computer of Pan Malaysian Pools Sdn Bhd.

4) The ticket must not be altered, defaced, torn, mutilated or tampered with in any manner whatsoever.

5) The ticket must be certified by the central computer of Pan Malaysian Pools Sdn Bhd through the validation process.

Please make sure you take your winning 4D ticket with care if you owned any and collect your winning within 3 months.Happy winning 4D !!

New 4D tricks from syndicate?

Be aware of any 4D scam as reported by the national newspaper recently, The Police chief ACP in Tawau police reminded all the public of a 4D scam whose wipe away for more than RM 30,000 from the victims.
This is how the syndicate member trying to apporcah the victims by showing the victim a 4D ticket & claim that he has won between RM100,000 to RM500,000.The cash prize is pending for collecting due to lack of documentation. The syndicate member then encourage the victims to claim the prize on behalf of them and require a copies of ther MyKad or passport. The police said that the victim start to find out that they have been cheated when they returned, the synidate members are missing after the victim has make a copy of their IC. Just a friendly reminder on how to claim the cash prize from your 4D operators. for any cash prize win from the lottery, less than RM 2,000. The payment mode would be in cash normally. Any 4D payment above RM 2,000 shall be paid in Cheque from your respective 4D outlets. Always remember that you do not need to visit to the bank to collect your lottery winning.

Any payment above RM 60,000, you must present yourself at the regional office of the 4D operator. Let’s do not be greedy as there is no free lunch in this world

4D Number Forecast Operators profits is affected due to higher cost

Magnum 4D net profit for Quarter 3 (July – September 2013) drops 10.49% to RM64.77 mil from RM72.37mil a year earlier due to lower debt cost and they also offer a better 4D prize payout. The total turnover also dropped by 6.26% from RM749.31mil to RM702.39 mil. Magnum 4D’s net profit also plunged 26.09% to RM214.87mil versus RM290.71mil compared to last year corresponding period. Revenue also fell by 4.17%.

This time arroud i suppose that all major 4D Number Forecast Operators is facing for more challenging times ahead as the business is dropping due to higher cost of living and caused less 4D punters want to folk out their money to bet on lottery. As per the PublicInvest Research, the revenue per draw is declining 1.9% im Magnum 4D. That’s impply that all major 4D operators might have posted weak topline numbers in the third quarter.

Top 4D Operator – Magnum has a declined in profit in Q3

One of the 4D operator in Malaysia – Magnum Berhad just recently announced for the corporate profit for Quarter 3 has dropped to RM RM64.77mil compared to RM72.73mil Q3 last year.

Does it imply that the 4D punters is mobing from Magnum 4D to other operators such as Sport Toto, Da Ma Cai & etc. From this corporate report, the revenue of Magnum 4D has dropped apporiximately 6.3% from RM749.31mil to RM702.39mil. It is not conisder a huge drop and the report highlited that drop is mainly due to Magnum 4D offering bigger prize payout and lesser draw during Q3.

A new sabahan 4D million baby!

On 21 July 2013, a Sabahan has striked a 4D jackpot in Supreme Toto 6/58 and walk away with RM 42.6 million. This is consider as the biggest lottery payout in 2013. Now, i am sure everyone is very curious what 4D winning number combination that bought him with the million rinngit. The lottery number is 8,15,19,32,34 and 37, it is derived from statistic study based on the past result. This 4D winner will using his lottery winning to pay off his outstanding housing & car loan also to settle his children education fees.

Just last year on 11 Nov, Supreme Toto 5/58 also paid off RM 47.5 million jackpot payout, the winner also from Sabah. Who know, you could be the next person to strike the 4D jackpot with Sports Toto.

Do we really rely on the 4D result statistic

What would be your longest period to bet on your favorite 4D numbers? Would it be 1 year, 2 years or you never miss your chance bet on the 4D for every single draw! LOL. As a usual practice, i am sure the regular 4D punters are always bet on the same set lottery numbers for years! It sounds like to do a blind a investment and hoping the number will pop up as the first prize in the right time.

I would not say this is a wrong direction in your 4D games because you need not crack on your head to think of which 4D numbers you should buy in each draw.Actually, we can place a bet on the 4D numbers for up to 5 draws in advance just to save up the hassle and time and just be sure you secure your favorite 4D numbers

Feel free to check out more about the 4D result statistic so you can have a better ideas on the winning 4D number combination in the past so higher chance for you to hit your winning numbers.
Happy winning 4D!