How your parking summon could bring luck to you on 4D?


I usually fed up when i see a parking summon on my car screenm there you go for my RM 50 to settle the fine. Rather than be a negative appoarch in this summon things which is kind of common reaction among us. Why not we turn this ball game differently and turn your summon into a luck for your 4D games. Well, we can always continue to feel bad about summon and let it spoilt our day, or can we take it positively. All Summons come with many numbers combination and it is the numbers that make us excited in our 4d games. How lucky you will be if your summon number could be your 4D winning numbers.Would these Summon tickets bring you more money then you have to pay for them?

Bare in mind that you still need to pay for the fine so why not make this summon experience a pleasant one? Fork out a of couple of Ringgit and wager on the summon ticket number in your nearest 4D outlets, who know you might just strike a prize for that. Some time, betting on 4D based on the sumom ticket could bring you some extra luck.

Happy winning 4D.

What 4D number to bet on?

I am pretty sure we always experience a blank mind when we walk into the 4D outlet and we were not sure which lottery number we should buy for. Some of us might just simply gran any 4D number that flash in their mind on the spot or some of us just buy off the shelf some ready numbers. No one is going know what numbers will be drawn as the first prize by end of the day so you stand a chance to win. For those who are not the regualr 4D players or you just buy any lottery numbers when you like like or when you encounter somethings good happend on a certain day or bet on your birthday, car plate, unit number & etc These are your personal lucky numbers which make perfect sense for you to do some small invest in these numbers. A little small investment of additional money may change your life totally.

Bare in mind to be confident whenever you step into the lottery outlets and know what 4D number you wish to bet on so that you are mentally prepared to visualize these numbers appearing to be the first, second or third prize.

Good Luck, happy winning 4D

Win 4D Jackport could change your life?

Can you imagine if you could win over RM 15 Million? Now, you stand a chance to make your dream come true by betting on 4D Jackpot. Clearly, 4D jackpot is a new game among lottery punters. The game is very easy, all you have to do is to pay additional RM2 on your 2 set of 4D numbers. By doing so, you stand a chance to win RM 2 million if your 4D number is picked as the Jackpot numbers. You walk away the jackpot first prize only if both of your 2 set 4D numbers show up as 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize. To win a jackpot prize, both of the 2 set of 4D numbers need to appear in the 13 winning numbers.

If your 1 set of 4D numbers appear as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prize, and the other appear in the 10 special number, you will win Jackpot 2, which assured you a minimum win of RM100,000.00

So, when you are wagering on your next number, consider the additional RM2 investment. In May 2013, a lucky guy won Jackpot RM15,767,737.70 with number 9052 & 6060 in Sports Toto.

Perodua Myvi is up for grabs with Da Ma Cai 4D

Do you know Da Ma Cai 4D is giving away a Perodua Myvi if you bet 3D jackpot with them. Now you stand your chance to win some cool hot cash money and at the same time you also can drive home the Perodua Myvi! Isn’t it is a good news

How you can be entileted to win a Myvi? All you have to do is that place a RM 6 to your 3D jackpot game and you will earn an entry to join this 4D competition. In other words, the more 3D jackpot games you bet on, the more entry you will collect and the higher chance to win a Perodua Myvi. Da Ma Cai 4D also giving away 10 consolation prize of RM500 Giant vouchers and this 4D competition will end on 31 July 2014.

So what are you waiting for? Play 4D with Da Ma Cai now la!

Incease your chance of winning in 4D games

When it comes to 4D games, we straight link our mind that it ia lottery game of luck. To better understand how 4D winning numbers are being drawn will definately boost up your chance of winning in the lottery games.

The verdict is that is that really truth there is no specific ways to predict winning numbers, what numbers should one wage on then? Since there is no ways of knowing what numbers will be the winning number, it is then very dependable on one’s luck. If you are lucky, buying number 0000 would still win you some money.

Many of us is finding different ways to improve our luck level forexample,stays cheerful & positive, be optimistic and stay away from negative energy all the time.You must realise that any windfall money are god-sent and you should never keep it all to yourself. Make an oath that you will contribute a percentage of the windfall win to those unfortunate group. Remember, helping others mean helping yourself.

You know what, for me – the correct approach of 4D game should be that you have a good feeling and you have a sudden urge to buy a lottery numbers. You will probably meet up with the lady luck at the 4D shops. Go and pick your all time favourite 4D numbers and make some great money!

[Part 2]The other 4D systems in the world

For a quite some time, i have completely stop betting on 4D games after i have discovered BnX formula to select the winning 4/4D games and make some good money. It always time consuming in selecting the winning 4D number combination and also lots of research to formulate the 4D prediction strategies thus I decided to put aside lotto games for a while. But I still have one mission unaccomplished with the lotto games that is nailing the Jackpot Prize. I intend to come back to lotto games later.

But for now, i am open my heart and share what i have done for the lottery prediction strategies that i bought and used for years in my 4D games. Again, there are so many system available in the market and claimed that they could be helpful to lower down the odds and improve your chance of winning but I would like to stress that you will not see success with lotto games regularly as the Pick 4 or 4D games as the odds are so huge in lotto games. The objective when you are playing the lotto games should be to break even or half the cost of play while you are playing patiently to nail the big prized Jackpot.

The other 4D systems in the world

In lottery game,it consists of different genre all together compared to 4D games /Pick 4 in Malaysia. The winning odds of lottery game could be 1 over millions and a typical 4D games could played varies in different countries, typical 4D games are 6/42, 6/45, 6/49, 6/52, 6/53
Meanwhile, The odds of winning a Pick 4 game is 1/10000.

The 4D games in Malaysia are normally being played in 6/52, 6/55 and 6/58 and of course my all time favorite game is always 6/52 lotto.However if your betting pattern in 4D game is less than 10 lines per week, then it is fine that you play your games with whatever method that you are using now. But if you are playing more than 20 lines up to 80 lines per week, then you should consider using a lottery system to increase your chance of winning or 4D prediction. Also be aware that you should bet 4D game with the lowest add. Malaysia 4D game used to have the 4/49 game which was later replaced with the 6/52 game. I used to play the 4/49 game with a lot of success until they changed to the more difficult but higher prized game of 6/52. Playing a lower odd lottery game will present you more chances of winning regularly.

Premium 4D Prediction

First of all, I think sharing is caring so i have decided show you all on how I make my 4D predictions in my past lottery games. Just for your information, the 4D prediction methods that i am going to explain is something different form the one that i have been posting in the previous week for no cost. This 4D prediction strategy is based on a combination of 5 different formulas to identify the 4D winning numbers that might have the highest probability to win in the next draw. I named it as the COMBINATORIAL FORMULA.

The very first step is to grab the four winning 4D numbers and put them in the BOX format. Next step is to get the direct relationship of the 4D number arrangement. As you could have seen, in each draw, there is a large pool of potential numbers that are at the betting counters disposal so i am here trying to filter out the lottery number combination. Believe it or not, the direct 4D numbers by its own way has potential for hit about 5-10 times per month at top prize. If we are able to get the BOX prediction correct when the DIRECT number arrangement was also correct, then we will have direct top prize winner. The strategy is applicable for Magnum 4D,Damacai 4D,Toto 4D and Singapore Pools.

[Part2]: Does Feng Shui helps you to improve your 4D prediction


Let’s us finish the discussion about how feng shui could improve your 4D prediction today. There are another 3 more tips to share and who know they migh better assist you to strike your winning lottery number in the next up coming 4D games.
Never give up
Stop all the negative thinking for example, “It’ll never happen to me in 4D game” as thoughts carry power. If you don’t believe in your heart that you will going to strike the 4D, who does? Go and help more people out there and you will soon start to get the better feeling about yourself.After all, it only takes one lucky 4D ticket to make you a millionaire!

Give Yourself Some Support
An ideal Feng Shui house would have a gentle hill behind it for support and to keep the wealth energy in. If you don’t have this, or you live in a flat, you can symbolise the supportive hill by placing a Dragon Headed Tortoise statue in the rear of your home.

Stick With It
Most people have a few sets of 4D numbers they used to buy in a regular basis. My advise is that stick to your 4D numbers no matter what! If you want to buy lucky 4D numbers as well,go ahead but always keep your old sets of 4D numbers.