Da Ma Cai 4D Live Draw Session

Guys, have you ever got a chance to see how your 4D result being draw? It is so cool to see how your lucky 4D winning numbers are being draw.

Now you get the chance to witness yourself on the Da Ma Cai 4D official website at www.da ma cai.com.my. You can catch the live draw session on every wednesday, saturday, sunday. It is not end of the draw, Da Ma Cai 4D also provide live draw on selected tuesday special draw day. What you are waiting for now?? Hurry up to visit to Da Ma Cai 4D website then

Happy winning 4D!

Da Ma Cai 4D Chinese website


Guy, we recently found out that Da Ma Cai 4D has launched a chinese version of their webiste. This would be an exciting news among our chinese oriented loyal reader of 664d blog pages because you no have a platform in chinese to enchance your browsing experience every time you visit to Da Ma Cai 4D official website.
Can’ wait to explore and experience the chinese version of damacai 4D? Hurry up to drop by at their official website URL – www.damacai.com.my and click on the chinese menu. Website is available from 28 Feb 2014 onwards.

Happy browsing.


Da Ma Cai 4D giving away an early Christmas present with over RM30.2mil Jackpot last year

We all knew it, it was such a happy christmas celebration with Da Ma Cai 4D last year as there was a super lucky winner who striked Da Ma Cai 1+3D Jackpot worth of RM 30.2 Mil on 15 December. It was the biggest 4D jackpot prize for the year of 2013.
I am sure you all are very interested to find out what was the winning 4D numbers, the winning 4D number combination was “7088” and “6935”, both numbers were sold out at the Da Ma Cai 4D outlet at Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya.
Just last month, a Penangite has won the cascaded 1+3D Jackpot 2 of over RM11mil; bringing total payout amounting to over RM41mil within the short 2-month period. You guys surely know what & where to catch up your 4D luck in this coming christmas celebration.
Happy winning 4D!

Da Ma Cai 4D Jackpot giving away Ford Fiesta

A 69-year Old Retiree From Johor Bahru walk away the a brand new Ford Fiesta from the Da Ma Cai 3D Jackpot Play To Win Round 2 Contest. Now, this retiree can drive around Johor with a sporty new car from Round 2 of the Da Ma Cai 3D Jackpot Play to Win Contest! Mr Tee is consider a loyal customer of Da Ma Cai 4D, he was initially suspicious of the phone call he received from Da Ma Cai informing him of the win, though he quickly turned overjoy soon after he realized it was real!

“I have always been playing for many years with a special liking to Da Ma Cai as I have won some prizes previously, but winning the car is the biggest win to-date! I will definitely use this car and to drive around town!” In fact, Mr Tee is proundly received the car key to his new ord Fiesta today, from Mr. Andrew Ho, Senior Manager of Numbers Forecast Operations at a prize giving ceremony held at the Da Ma Cai 4D outlet in Taman Munsyi Ibrahim, Johor Bahru. This is also the 4D outlet where Mr Tee had purchased his 3D Jackpot ticket and submitted the winning contest entry.

There are also another 10 lucky winners who walk away RM 500 worth of shopping vouchers from the Round 2 of the 3D Jackpot Play to Win contest. Da Ma Cai 4D was giving away a motorbike in Batu Caves, Selangor. In total, Da Ma Cai 4D has given out a total RM137, 000 worth of prizes with the conclusion of both rounds of the 3D Jackpot Play to Win Contest

Contract worker striked a massive jackpot RM 30 mil Da Ma Cai’s 1+3D Jackpot


The miracle is happened again when a chinese worker win a jackpot worth RM 30.2 mil Da Ma Cai’s 1+3D Jackpot with just a RM2 Lucky Pick in Petaling Jaya! The lucky winner was on his way to visit a client in Petaling Jaya and he decided to drop by at Da Ma Cai 4D outlest in Jalan Gasing. The lucky 4D winner just used RM 2 to purchase his 1+3D Jackpot ticket, he picked the ticket with the winning pair of 4D numbers – “7088” and “6935”. “It was just another normal day to me when I walked into a Da Ma Cai outlet and bought the winning ticket, and I would never expected to win the huge Da Ma Cai 1+3D Jackpot said the lucky winner.”

Most likely the luck star have heard his 4D luck prayer on that day so he tuned up as the only winner for the biggest 1+3D Jackpot to-date from Da Ma Cai since the game was launched on 23 November, 2012. Can you imagine, with this recent 4D jackpot win, Da Ma Cai 4D has paif over RM 41 Mil of 4D jackpot winning.



Welcome, The youngest 4D jackpot winner from Da Ma Cai 4D


The men in his late 30s has just strikes a 4D jackpot worth RM7.58mil with Da Ma Cai 1+3D Jackpot and he became the youngest winner to date. This young executive has just received a mega angpow right before the chinese new year. In fact, this youngest winner is not the feels his first win. He had scored first prize “a few times” in the past two years with 1+3D numbers, it was by far his biggest.

As per Da Ma Cai official statement, the winner was using “system bet” with the number derived from his car registration number and their IC numbers. Da ma Cai allows 4D punters to apply “system bet” to cover all possible pairing combinations of their favorite 1+3D numbers.

The minimum is three sets of 1+3D numbers to a maximum of 480 sets of 1+3D numbers. Two of the manager’s seven chosen numbers, “5225” and “3760” were the lucky digits which won him the huge cash prize on Jan 15. The winning ticket was sold in Taman Connaught, Cheras.


Magnum 4D Surprises Treasure Hunt

Calling for all Magnum 4D fans for a treasure hunt named as the ‘Magnum 4D Run For Happiness, Shop For Surprises’, this campaign is in conjunction with THR Raaga and will be held at Giant Super Market, Batu Caves on 23rd August 2014, Saturday.

This treasure hunt is set to be a challenge for all participants, make it a fun contest, exciting and full of surprises with attractive cash prizes to be won as part of the treasure hunt. The prize consist of 3 grand prizes and 7 consolation prizes so the champion team will be rewarded with RM 5,000 cash while the first runner-up and second runner-up will walk away with RM 3,000 and RM 1,000 cash respectively. The 7 consolation teams will be given with RM 300 cash each. Sounds like a plan to grab some free cash from Magnum 4D, isn’t?

Wana particpate now?? All you have to do is to drop by to Giant Super Market, Batu Caves on 23rd August 2014, Saturday to check out the ‘Magnum 4D Run for Happiness, Shop for Surprises’ treasure hunt. The items from this treasure hunt will be all donated to Persatuan Kebajikan Warga Tua Dan Kanak-Kanak Taman Petaling located at Kepong.

Magnum 4D Special Draw Date


Calling for all Magnum 4D fans, there will be a special draw on 26 Aug so guys please remember to buy your 4D numbers early.
Every lottery operators in malaysia is eligible to run special draw however this has to be approved by the Government of malaysia. As per the standard, the total event of a special draws shall be between 22. Hurry up to mark your calendar and not to miss out this sepcial draw from Magnum 4D.

Happy winning 4D!




Magnum 4D Lou Yau Kei Charity Concert Tour 2014


“Lou Yau Kei” Charity Concert Tour 2014 is coming back for the 3rd years and this is exclusively bought to you by Magnum 4D. In conjunction with the Magnum 4D’s corporate social responsibility, Magnum 4D is very committed to support the chinese education in Malaysia community. This is important to ensure a good study environment for the next generation, Magnum 4D top priority will be to upgrade the infrastructures and facilities at schools and also to enchane the hardware and software equipment used for education purposes.
To do that, Magnum 4D is one more time to bring up this Charity Concert in 2014 to raise fund for 8 beneficiary institutions. In the past 2 years, Magnum 4D has raised up total of RM 6 million that benefited for 16 schools. Magnum 4D is always ready to accept invitations from any schools who need financial assistance, Magnum 4D is ready to give full support!

Magnum 4D bring up the mid autumn street party


Mid Autum is just arround the corner and how does mooncake festive bring you some luck in 4D lottery? 😛

Just relax! This is Magnum 4D is organize a street party in conjunction to this mid autumn festival in Cheras Leisure Mall, over 1,000 lantern exhibition made by children age of 6-12 at Cheras Leisure Mall from 15th August to 13th September 2014. Lanterns will be exhibit around Cheras Leisure Mall Ground Floor Concourse. As an encouragement, there will be a prize presentation party on 13th September 2014, 11am at Cheras Leisure Mall Concourse Area. Top 100 Excellent awards and Top 10 People’s Choice awards will be presented that day. Besides that, Magnum 4D game booth will be available for both parents and children to win some Magnum 4D Freebies!

On the 6th September 2014, Lotus Reflection Mid-Autumn Street Party 2014 will be a star starry night helmed by some of today’s leading by various young local singers. I am sure you wouldn’t want to miss this great 4D party!

This party is open for everyone, public are welcome bring along their families members to join. Entrance fee is Free.