4D Game: Laying out the “Net”

What would you guys interpret for ” Net” in 4D games? I normally name it netting for an obvious reason. As far as we concerns, we clearly aware that there is no certain ways for us to predict any 4D winning number combinations so we can try another way round

I call it netting for obvious reasons. Since we know for certain that we can’t really predict a winning number, we can try to net that elusive 4D winning number from a ” winning group” if we are quite certain that winning group has a probability of 80% and above of winning chances.

Let’s go through a very simple example below:

Assumed that the 4D ” Winner ” is stays within the group with 100% probability, I bet you would probably go for it.But at the same time let me tell you this grouping consist of over 10,000 4D numbers then you will have to think twice!

Now, if I’m telling you the 4D ” Winner” is stays within the group with 80% – 95% probability, you may go for it.
But if I’m telling you this grouping has only 100 4D numbers, what do you think?

Definately, It is much more easier to spot that 4D winning numbers within this group compare to others.

Happy winning!