4D Number Forecast Operators profits is affected due to higher cost

Magnum 4D net profit for Quarter 3 (July – September 2013) drops 10.49% to RM64.77 mil from RM72.37mil a year earlier due to lower debt cost and they also offer a better 4D prize payout. The total turnover also dropped by 6.26% from RM749.31mil to RM702.39 mil. Magnum 4D’s net profit also plunged 26.09% to RM214.87mil versus RM290.71mil compared to last year corresponding period. Revenue also fell by 4.17%.

This time arroud i suppose that all major 4D Number Forecast Operators is facing for more challenging times ahead as the business is dropping due to higher cost of living and caused less 4D punters want to folk out their money to bet on lottery. As per the PublicInvest Research, the revenue per draw is declining 1.9% im Magnum 4D. That’s impply that all major 4D operators might have posted weak topline numbers in the third quarter.