4D Number Game, feels the art of numerology – Toto, Magnum & 3D

I am sure many of us has tried out the “game of numbers” at least once in our life to test out our luck. We always questioned ourself, it is a 4D game, pure of luck or the game of skills.
During our school times, community games, public gatherings or betting shops. But most of us just “guess” the numbers, be it a 1,2,3 or 4 digits. Of course there are other variants but we shall not go into it.We are only trying to analyse the simple logic of increasing our chances of correctly “predicting” certain numbers or sets of numbers.How do we choose a set of numbers?
Either one or more of the following methods.
1. Base on our birthdays.
2. Using house addresses, street names or numbers.
3. A lucky number from an “unlucky” car accident. (Popular Malaysian method)
4. Consult an “expert” or a “medium”.
5. Use a “number generator” tool.
6. Simple guessing.
7. Analyse past records and patterns.
* IMPORTANT: Any of these methods do not guarantee the outcome of PREDICTING numbers! Enjoy your 4D number game