A music teacher bought home RM 4.4M from Sports ToTo 4D


This time arround, a music school teacher in to 40s has won Toto 6D 1st prize totaling RM4,400,000 on 10 August 2013 (Draw No. 3922/13). She had a dreame of “0”, “1” and “3” and then she figured out a combination of “303103” for the winning Toto 6D numbers combination. As per the winner, she is just an occasional lottory player and she actually bet a bigger amount than the usual time on the winning set of ToTo 6D numbers.

The winner claimed that the winning was not something really huge as the rising inflation and cost of living in Johor but she will add her 4D winning for her children’s education needs with a small portion going to realizing her dream holiday plans.Similarly, 2 other lucky Toto 6D supporters from Kuala Lumpur also won a total of RM600,000 by betting on the same set of 6D winning numbers.