A new sabahan 4D million baby!

On 21 July 2013, a Sabahan has striked a 4D jackpot in Supreme Toto 6/58 and walk away with RM 42.6 million. This is consider as the biggest lottery payout in 2013. Now, i am sure everyone is very curious what 4D winning number combination that bought him with the million rinngit. The lottery number is 8,15,19,32,34 and 37, it is derived from statistic study based on the past result. This 4D winner will using his lottery winning to pay off his outstanding housing & car loan also to settle his children education fees.

Just last year on 11 Nov, Supreme Toto 5/58 also paid off RM 47.5 million jackpot payout, the winner also from Sabah. Who know, you could be the next person to strike the 4D jackpot with Sports Toto.