Could you be the next lucky winner with Sports ToTo 4D – Part 2

Let’s continue the millionaire dream with Sports ToTo 4D – there was another lucky 4D punters from Johor Bahru has recently placed a bet of RM5 on the same 4D number – 241241 and he won RM 500,000. Another 2 lucky 4D punters who placed a bet of RM 1 and walk away won RM200,000 and another ten punters who bet RM1 each, won RM100,000. This draw alone saw a total of RM4,100,000 paid out as 1st Prize winnings!

WOW! It really sounds like anybody out there could be a ToTo 6D winner! All you have to do is to placed a lottery bet as little as RM 1 and you could be RM 100,000 richer so simply raise your bet amount for up to RM 50 in return of RM 5,000,000 4D winnings.In fact, ToTo 6D always offering you with multiple winning chances so if you missed out the 1st prize then don’t give up as you can still win if your six numbers match the first or last five, four, three or two numbers of the 1st Prize. So, try your luck with Toto 6D today for your chance to be a millionaire!

Could you be the next lucky winner with Sports ToTo 4D

Yeah! The lucky the businessman from Selangor, he has been continuously placing lottery ticket with Sports ToTo 4D for RM 20 bets on the same 4D number over the past 6 draws. Wana find out what was his winning 4D number combination? It is 241241 that brings him to strike on the 1st Prize in Toto 6D draw no. 1732/00, winning him a total of RM2,000,000!Sports ToTo 4D has been producing several millionaire overnight. Who’s know you might be the next lucky 4D winner with Sports ToTo so hurry up to drop by to your neareast 4D outlets and buy your winning 4D numbers!
Happy winning 4D!


Sports ToTo created several millionaire in overnight! In June, a businessman from Sarawak won the first prize worth RM3,002,556.10. There are 2 more instant millionaires in July & Aug where they both striked the first prize woth RM1,038,707.20 and RM1,556,747.72 respectively. More 4D winners are on the ways in october, another lucky 4D winner became a millionaire when he won RM2,233,767.20 so there are total of 5 millionaires in just 6 months! Remember when you going to bet on Super Toto 6/49, the more combinations you buy, the greater your chances of winning 4D. Hurry, pick from the Sports ToTo 4D Systems 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, or 15 and on your way to be a millionaire!


From the slogon, it always intepreted as the more 4D toto you play, the more you will win. That’s excatly the vision of Sports toto 4D as there was a young factory supervisor from pahang, he placed a RM84 bet on a System 9 Super Toto 6/49 game. You probably can not  believe that 6 numbers out of his random 4D combination of 3, 7, 9, 11, 13, 23, 31, 33 and 42 matched the 6 wining numbers of the jackpot game in May. Betting on the System 9, it consist of 84 sets of Super Toto 6/49 combinations, he also won 18 shares of 3rd Prize at RM2,888 per share and 45 shares of 5th Prize at RM38 per share. Basically his total winning from Sports ToTo 4D is RM7,924,210.80!
Happy winning 4D!

Sports ToTo is giving away Samsung GALAXY Tab 4


WOW!! Sports ToTo 4D is just launched a new 4D contest named as Jackpot Systen Play where you could walk away for Samsung GALAXY Tab 4 for 10 units! This is such a good news for all 4D punters this month.

Here are the rules for this 4D contest:
Step 1: Purchase any 4D ticket of ” Toto Jackpot Games System Play” to be entitle a contest form.

Step 2: Drop your contest form at your nearest Sports ToTo 4D outlet.
Contest valid till 21 Sep 2014 and last submission is on 24 Sep 2014.
The Toto Jackpot games System Play include Toto 4D Jackpot, Toto 4D Jackpot i-system, Supreme Toto 6/58,Supreme Toto 6/58 Ez-bet, Power Toto 6/55, Power Toto 6/55 Ez-bet, Mega Toto 6/52 and Mega Toto 6/52
Happy winning 4D!

How to Play Sports ToTo 4D?

Here are the 3 easy steps for you to grab more winning form Sports ToTo 4D
Step 1 > You need to choose your game for example: 4D ToTo, 4D Jackpot, 5D ToTo, 6D ToTo & etc

Step 2 > Select your play methods for example standard or Syatem Playor i-system

Step3 > You will get 2 sets of 4D numbers chosen are considered as one (1) bet and it is RM2 per bet. Minimum of RM 2 bet amount to win so you can hurry up to place your 4D numbers.


This is your chance to bet the next 4D winner! GO FOR IT!Happy winning 4D!!

Da Ma Cai 4D System Pair Bet

Not sure if you guys have heard of the system pair (SP) bet offered by Da Ma Cai 4D. In this system, 4D punters can made up of four (4) or more sets of 1+3D and 3D numbers so all you have to do is to select a minimum of one or more 1+3D numbers and one or more

3D numbers. Each of the 1+3D or 3D numbers can be Straight, Box or Roll. Guess what it cost you RM 2 for each pair of 4D numbers.

Now, here is your biggest chance to increase your chance of winning in Da Ma Cai 4D, simply pair your favourite 4D numbers and invest now!”

Happy winning 4D!

Da Ma Cai 4D Live Draw Session

Guys, have you ever got a chance to see how your 4D result being draw? It is so cool to see how your lucky 4D winning numbers are being draw.

Now you get the chance to witness yourself on the Da Ma Cai 4D official website at www.da ma You can catch the live draw session on every wednesday, saturday, sunday. It is not end of the draw, Da Ma Cai 4D also provide live draw on selected tuesday special draw day. What you are waiting for now?? Hurry up to visit to Da Ma Cai 4D website then

Happy winning 4D!

Da Ma Cai 4D Chinese website


Guy, we recently found out that Da Ma Cai 4D has launched a chinese version of their webiste. This would be an exciting news among our chinese oriented loyal reader of 664d blog pages because you no have a platform in chinese to enchance your browsing experience every time you visit to Da Ma Cai 4D official website.
Can’ wait to explore and experience the chinese version of damacai 4D? Hurry up to drop by at their official website URL – and click on the chinese menu. Website is available from 28 Feb 2014 onwards.

Happy browsing.


Da Ma Cai 4D giving away an early Christmas present with over RM30.2mil Jackpot last year

We all knew it, it was such a happy christmas celebration with Da Ma Cai 4D last year as there was a super lucky winner who striked Da Ma Cai 1+3D Jackpot worth of RM 30.2 Mil on 15 December. It was the biggest 4D jackpot prize for the year of 2013.
I am sure you all are very interested to find out what was the winning 4D numbers, the winning 4D number combination was “7088” and “6935”, both numbers were sold out at the Da Ma Cai 4D outlet at Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya.
Just last month, a Penangite has won the cascaded 1+3D Jackpot 2 of over RM11mil; bringing total payout amounting to over RM41mil within the short 2-month period. You guys surely know what & where to catch up your 4D luck in this coming christmas celebration.
Happy winning 4D!