Buy 4d? What to take into consideration

There are tons of factors you should look into prior to bet on any 4d games, it will better help you to determine your cost for 4d gambling and also good to control yourself over 4d games so here you go:

1) What 4d number combination?
2) What is the bet amount for each 4d number combination?
3) Which 4d operators you want to go with?
4) How many draws?
5) Go for forecast Big or Small?
6) Go for permutation bet?

Have them all in your mind before any decision on 4d games:

What 4d number combination?
This is pretty straight forward where you might have a specific 4d number you wish to buy, this could be any number such as your new car plate number, IC number, birthday or you dreamt of a 4d number. If you have several 4d number combination then just prepare more bankroll to bet on all combination.

What is the bet amount for each 4d number combination?
As soon as you have confirmed your 4d number combinations then you need to decide the bet amount for each 4d combination and its total expenses. Always remember that the prize payout is multiply by your bet amount, example RM 20 placed so your payout will be multiply by 20. The minimum amount you can place a bet is RM 1.

Which 4d operators you want to go with?
The most popular operators in Peninsular Malaysia are Magnum, Damacai & Sportstoto and their outlets are always located at your neighborhood so it is very accessible to all punters. Either you want to stick with your preferred operator or bet with all 3 operators? It is up to you because there is no difference in term of their 4d prize payout.

How many draws?
All 4d games normally drawn 3 times in a week, it might be 4 times for special draw. The concern here is if you are going to buy one draw in a week or 3 draws per week? Your bet amount will then need to be multiplied by 3 or 4 times. Place a bet on a single 4d number with all 3 operators for 3 draw in a week will normally required a minimum of RM9 per week.

Go for forecast Big or Small?
Then it is time to decide if you want to bet on Big, Small or both but again your decision might increase your cost. Big forecast will allows you to win First, Second & Thrid prizes but the payout is different for each prize. You might need to check out the details on the prizes payout structure on operator official websites.

Go for permutation bet?
Are you proceeding to buy your preferred number as a straight number or you wish to cover all possible permutation of your preferred number? Depending on your selected number, a 4 unique digit will have a 24 permutation numbers, thus, increasing your bet to RM24. A 2 of the 4 digit the same will produce a 12 permutation numbers and a 2 unique pair digit will have a permutation of 6. Thus, playing permutation bet against straight bet will drastically increase your investment. Another cheaper option to cover all your permutation numbers by playing 4D Mbox (Magnum), i-PERM (Sports Toto) and iBox (Damacai). These allow you to bet with RM1 for all possible permutation numbers.
Thus, depending on your decision and playing habit, your spending in 4D games can be high and you should always play within your means. We wish to remind you that 4D games can be addictive and you should treat it as a form of entertainment and set a budget. Never allow 4D games to affect your work and family life.

With the detail analysis for all factors above, hope that will guide you to better enjoy the 4d games at lowest cost but biggest winning. Good lucks in your games.

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