Contract worker striked a massive jackpot RM 30 mil Da Ma Cai’s 1+3D Jackpot


The miracle is happened again when a chinese worker win a jackpot worth RM 30.2 mil Da Ma Cai’s 1+3D Jackpot with just a RM2 Lucky Pick in Petaling Jaya! The lucky winner was on his way to visit a client in Petaling Jaya and he decided to drop by at Da Ma Cai 4D outlest in Jalan Gasing. The lucky 4D winner just used RM 2 to purchase his 1+3D Jackpot ticket, he picked the ticket with the winning pair of 4D numbers – “7088” and “6935”. “It was just another normal day to me when I walked into a Da Ma Cai outlet and bought the winning ticket, and I would never expected to win the huge Da Ma Cai 1+3D Jackpot said the lucky winner.”

Most likely the luck star have heard his 4D luck prayer on that day so he tuned up as the only winner for the biggest 1+3D Jackpot to-date from Da Ma Cai since the game was launched on 23 November, 2012. Can you imagine, with this recent 4D jackpot win, Da Ma Cai 4D has paif over RM 41 Mil of 4D jackpot winning.