Could you be the next lucky winner with Sports ToTo 4D – Part 2

Let’s continue the millionaire dream with Sports ToTo 4D – there was another lucky 4D punters from Johor Bahru has recently placed a bet of RM5 on the same 4D number – 241241 and he won RM 500,000. Another 2 lucky 4D punters who placed a bet of RM 1 and walk away won RM200,000 and another ten punters who bet RM1 each, won RM100,000. This draw alone saw a total of RM4,100,000 paid out as 1st Prize winnings!

WOW! It really sounds like anybody out there could be a ToTo 6D winner! All you have to do is to placed a lottery bet as little as RM 1 and you could be RM 100,000 richer so simply raise your bet amount for up to RM 50 in return of RM 5,000,000 4D winnings.In fact, ToTo 6D always offering you with multiple winning chances so if you missed out the 1st prize then don’t give up as you can still win if your six numbers match the first or last five, four, three or two numbers of the 1st Prize. So, try your luck with Toto 6D today for your chance to be a millionaire!