Da Ma Cai 4D giving away an early Christmas present with over RM30.2mil Jackpot last year

We all knew it, it was such a happy christmas celebration with Da Ma Cai 4D last year as there was a super lucky winner who striked Da Ma Cai 1+3D Jackpot worth of RM 30.2 Mil on 15 December. It was the biggest 4D jackpot prize for the year of 2013.
I am sure you all are very interested to find out what was the winning 4D numbers, the winning 4D number combination was “7088” and “6935”, both numbers were sold out at the Da Ma Cai 4D outlet at Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya.
Just last month, a Penangite has won the cascaded 1+3D Jackpot 2 of over RM11mil; bringing total payout amounting to over RM41mil within the short 2-month period. You guys surely know what & where to catch up your 4D luck in this coming christmas celebration.
Happy winning 4D!