Da Ma Cai 4D Jackpot giving away Ford Fiesta

A 69-year Old Retiree From Johor Bahru walk away the a brand new Ford Fiesta from the Da Ma Cai 3D Jackpot Play To Win Round 2 Contest. Now, this retiree can drive around Johor with a sporty new car from Round 2 of the Da Ma Cai 3D Jackpot Play to Win Contest! Mr Tee is consider a loyal customer of Da Ma Cai 4D, he was initially suspicious of the phone call he received from Da Ma Cai informing him of the win, though he quickly turned overjoy soon after he realized it was real!

“I have always been playing for many years with a special liking to Da Ma Cai as I have won some prizes previously, but winning the car is the biggest win to-date! I will definitely use this car and to drive around town!” In fact, Mr Tee is proundly received the car key to his new ord Fiesta today, from Mr. Andrew Ho, Senior Manager of Numbers Forecast Operations at a prize giving ceremony held at the Da Ma Cai 4D outlet in Taman Munsyi Ibrahim, Johor Bahru. This is also the 4D outlet where Mr Tee had purchased his 3D Jackpot ticket and submitted the winning contest entry.

There are also another 10 lucky winners who walk away RM 500 worth of shopping vouchers from the Round 2 of the 3D Jackpot Play to Win contest. Da Ma Cai 4D was giving away a motorbike in Batu Caves, Selangor. In total, Da Ma Cai 4D has given out a total RM137, 000 worth of prizes with the conclusion of both rounds of the 3D Jackpot Play to Win Contest