Do we really rely on the 4D result statistic

What would be your longest period to bet on your favorite 4D numbers? Would it be 1 year, 2 years or you never miss your chance bet on the 4D for every single draw! LOL. As a usual practice, i am sure the regular 4D punters are always bet on the same set lottery numbers for years! It sounds like to do a blind a investment and hoping the number will pop up as the first prize in the right time.

I would not say this is a wrong direction in your 4D games because you need not crack on your head to think of which 4D numbers you should buy in each draw.Actually, we can place a bet on the 4D numbers for up to 5 draws in advance just to save up the hassle and time and just be sure you secure your favorite 4D numbers

Feel free to check out more about the 4D result statistic so you can have a better ideas on the winning 4D number combination in the past so higher chance for you to hit your winning numbers.
Happy winning 4D!