How 4d results are drawn – Damacai 4d?

The 4d draw process of damacai is slightly different from the other two 4d operators, I would like to highlighted the difference for your guys as below:

As usual, the draw process in Damacai 4d is also open for public view however the draw is operated by five electro-mechanically drums where the first drum marked as “H” that contain 13 balls. Each ball is labeled with a number range from “1” to “13” to ensure the number is being selected in a random basis.

The rest of the other four drums, is labeled as “1+”, “2”, “3” and “4” respectively and every drums is consist of 10 balls that is marked by a number range from “0” to “9”, the 4d winning numbers drawn from those drums will be the winning numbers for the 3D and 1+3D Games.

The draw process is then conducted in the following steps:

Step 1: There are ten (10) 4d winning number combination will be drawn from each drums – “1+”, “2”, “3” and “4”. The produced result is 4d results for consolation prizes.

Step2: Another thirteen (13) 4d winning numbers combination whichever is higher, will be drawn and each such number will be assigned to the horse drawn simultaneously from the “H” drum. Those numbers is 4d results for the main prizes and starter prizes.

Step3: Any 4d winning number combination that is not assigned to a horse will be recognized as starter prize automatically. There should be only 4 digit numbers for each horse and the main prizes for the 1+3D Game will be determined based on the results of the designated race

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