How 4d results are drawn – Sportstoto?

Let’s take a closer look of how sportstoto 4d drawn its result:

Same as Magnum 4d, the process to drawn the 4d results in Sportstoto also need to be conducted in full public view. This time, it required 5 persons from the public who is at the legal age, non-Muslim and well grooming are qualify to be invited to participate the drawing process. The five selected persons will choose the marble bags that will be used for the draw. To enhance higher level of transparency, Sportstoto is using pneumatic draw machines which contains transparent tubes, chambers and body. This has created a full transparent view of the entire draw process from loading, mixing and finally selection of winning 4d numbers. The whole process is recorded to ensure 100% transparency and fairness for the 4d games.

Due to variety of 4d games offered by Sportstoto, the draw will normally start with the TOTO 4D, TOTO 5D, TOTO 6D and then the draw for toto results such as Mega TOTO 6/52. Power TOTO 6/55 and Supreme TOTO 6/58. The way for sportstoto to determine first, second and third prize is same as Magnum 4d where the top winning 4d numbers are being randomly picked from the pool of the 13 special number combinations.

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