How 4d results are drawn – Magnum 4D?

Have you ever imagine you can participate to drawn the 4d results?

Actually, the process to drawn the 4d results is always being conducted in the full view of the public to ensure high level of transparency and fairness so there will be no dispute for the 4d results.

There are tons of Malaysian are so fancy to understand how to make great money from lottery and they insist that there is a 4d formula to predict the winning 4d number combination. Well, I would say it is easy for us to predict the weather because we can always study the other controlling factors such as pressure, humidity & wind however for 4d numbers; it is all by random generated.

Let’s take a closer look of how Magnum 4d drawn its result:
Magnum 4d conducted the process to drawn the 4d result in a full public view, with the presence of 3 public persons to make sure the process is 100% fair and transparent. Magnum officer will performed a random draw to select 3 participants and then another draw will be performed again to determine the order among the 3 participants.
The 4d result draw start now where the first participant will activate the draw, which will see 4 drums containing 10 numbers each (0 to spinning and 1 number eventually being pick-up in each drum to produce the 4d winning number combination. Subsequent to every 4d winning number, another drum is also randomly picked to determine the 4d winning number belongs to special prizes or consolation prizes. Eight 4d winning number combinations are to be drawn by the first participant and the second set of eight numbers by the second participant and the sane goes to the third participant.
At the end of the 4d drawn process, there are total of 23 winning numbers drawn, 10 4d number combinations are belong to consolation prizes and 13 4d numbers are special prizes.

To determine the first, second and third prize from all the 23 4d winning numbers, the first participant is invited again to activate a drum which contains 13 Alphabetical letters from A-M, which will determine the third prize. It is followed by the second participant to draw the second prizes and finally the third participant to draw the first prize.

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