How Feng Shui helps you to strike 4D

In Chinese, i am pretty sure they believe in fend shui and it does help them to have a higher winning rate in the 4D games. The actual fac is that everyone can make yourself a lucky person. There is always a way so if you really think feng shui can helpe you to win more money from 4D game then please feel free to see below tips:

1)Do more charity
There are many charities units around Malaysia like house of senior citizens or kidney dialysis center. You can actually help them by giving money or time. And if you sow the seed of making people richer and happier, what would you reap?

2)Keep a Clean Mouth
The front door of your house represents your mouth, and it’s also where the lucky Chi energy can enter to you house and bring you more fortunate in 4D games. Make sure that you always keep the front door of your house tidy. Do not putting rubbish or thorny plants near the front door as this dissipates the amount of good energy entering your home
3)Stay near the Auspicious Energies
In Feng Shui, there are many famous good luck charms could help you in your 4d prediction such as Lucky I-Ching Coins. Use them and keep in your wallet, stay closer to your lottery ticket to attract extra money to you. Lots of people strike their 4D numbers when they started to practice this.

Do you think the tips will really work for you in your 4D game? I am a happy go lucky person so never try never know!