How to collect your 4d winning?

If you are reading on this section to check out how and where you can collect your 4d winnings. Well, I must say congratulation because 4d numbers bought you some extra free money! All cash prizes from Magnum 4d and Sportstoto need to be collected within 180 days (around 6 months) from the winning date. For Damacai, you need to collect your winning within 90 days.

Always remember to bring your winning 4d ticket(s) and your Malaysia identification card when you wish to collect your winnings, ensure that your winning ticket is in good condition for validation purpose. Any 4d winning less than RM 2000 will usually paid in cash and you can request for a cheque for any 4d winning greater than RM 2000. Now, where you should go to collect your winning? In fact, you can collect your 4d winning in any outlets nationwide or you also claim your winning from the outlest you placed your bet. If your winning is greater than RM 60,000 then you may need to drop by at their regional office to collect the cash prize.

For those who still not sure what is the lottery winning payout, you may refer to the 4d prize payout structure as below. This lottery payout structure is apply on every Operator regardless any brands.

Big Forecast:
1st prize – RM 2500
2nd prize – RM 1000
3rd prize – RM 500
Special prize – RM 180
Consolation – RM 60
Small Forecast:
1st prize – RM 3500
2nd prize – RM 2500
3rd prize – RM 1000
Special prize – RM 0
Consolation – RM 0

The payout is based on the minimum bet amount of RM 1 so this payout structure is multiply with your bet amount, example you strike on first prize @ RM 5 Big forecast and Small forecast:
Your 4d winning is [RM 2500 X 5] + [RM3500 X 5] = RM 30,000

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