How to pick 4d lottery numbers?

First of all, I need to be honest with your guys – I have never win any big 4d prize before, the closest I have got was RM50 in the Magnum 4d draw. Isn’t it a small amount? I would really love to share how you can predict your own winning 4d numbers or even produce a manual on how to strike 4d. I wish I could assure you that anybody who is determined enough can master the secret to strike toto 4d.

Because lottery is a game of chance, it is virtually impossible to devise a method for picking winning 4d numbers. Some of the best mathematical minds in the world have tried to analyze results and predict patterns, only to discover that the 4d winning numbers are truly random. Based on the experiences of friends and friends-of-friends who have won 4d prizes, I believe there may be a metaphysical link to some people’s lottery wins. For instance, often an incident occurs in these people’s lives for example witnessing or being involved in a traffic accident that grants them access to winning 4d numbers.

If you believe in lucky numbers, they’re probably digits that center around important dates or events in your life. For example, you might use:

Birthdays: Yours, your children’s, your partners and so on
Anniversaries: This could be a wedding anniversary date or the date of another significant event.
Ages: Using your age or the ages of your loved ones is also a common practice.
Address: The address of your childhood or current home is another tactic you can try.
Phone numbers: Try breaking down your phone number in to a sequence of single or double- digit 4d numbers.

Sometime, all you have to do is to listen to your sixth sense. If a certain set of numbers it may come from anywhere such as license plates, house unit numbers, telephone numbers, I/C numbers, etc. It seems to trigger your intuition, it could well be the universe’s way of giving you a nudge.My friend’s car was involved in a minor collision with another vehicle. She promptly bought the license plate numbers of both cars, one of which won a big 4D prize.

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