How To Play the Magnum 4D Jackpot

Generally the Magnum 4d jackpot game is having the similar concept like the standard 4D game where you place your bets on a specific number and if they are drawn into the respective categories, then you will win the prize money. In Magnum 4d jackpot game, the minimum bet that you can place your numbers on is RM2 but this is different from the standard 4D as it requires you to select two 4D numbers instead of one.

You might be surprised that there are many ways to play the Magnum 4d jackpot games as below:

1) Straight play
The punter knows clearly to pick a pair of 4d numbers range from 0000 to 9999. Example as below:

1st 4d number: 1128
2nd 4d number: 2238
Therefore, total bet amount is 1 X RM2 = RM2

2) Lucky pick play
The punters have no ideas what 4d numbers to buy so they can let the computer to pick a pair of 4d numbers randomly. Example as below:
1st 4d number: 1128 (LP)
2nd 4d number: 2238 (LP)
Therefore, total bet amount is 1 X RM2 = RM2

3) Permutation play
If we translated Permutation in Chinese, it means “Pau” either one or both of the 4d numbers to cover more pairs of 4d numbers, aim to have higher winning chances. We have the following for your reference:

1st 4d number: 5645
2nd 4d number: 1278 (PM24)
No of pairs: 1 x 24 = 24
Therefore, total bet amount is RM2 X 24= RM 48

1st 4d number: 1234 (PM24)
2nd 4d number: 337 (PM12)
No of pairs: 24 X 12 = 288
Therefore, total bet amount is RM2 X 288= RM 576

4) Roll play
This allows player to roll any one of the 4d number so you can cover all possible numbers from 0 to 9 for that particular rolled number. It simply allows you to cover more pairs of 4d numbers and give you higher chance of winning, example as below:

1st 4d number: R645 (RL)
2nd 4d number: 336R (RL)
No of pairs: 10 x 10 = 100
Therefore, total bet amount is RM2 X 100 = RM 200

The jackpot draw date is normally on every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday while there are occasional Special Draws that take place on Tuesdays. During these days, there will be the standard draws for the First, Second, Third, Special and Consolation prizes respectively. You will have to inform the counter staff that you are betting on the Jackpot game which means you will have to pay RM2 for each of your choice, which are made up of 2 4D numbers. The main Jackpot is derived from a match of any of the 3 top categories namely the First, Second and Third Prizes, which carries a minimum of RM2 million in prize money. For example, if you placed a bet on the numbers 1111 and 2222 and the draw of the day is where the First Prize is 2222, Second Prize is 3333 and Third Prize is 1111, then you have hit the jackpot. The prize money will be shared among all those who won the same numbers. If there are no winners, then 22% of the amount will be snowballed to the next draw.

In Jackpot 2, you would have won if your numbers match any of the 3 top prizes and any others in the Special category which carry a prize winning of a minimum of RM200,000. The Third Prize in the Jackpot is where any combination of all the categories which will carry a maximum of RM10 million prize winning. For any combinations in the Special category, you will win the Fourth Prize while the Fifth Prize goes to any combination of the Consolation numbers drawn.

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