Know more about 4d operators ‐ Magnum 4d

In Malaysia, there are 3 licensed 4d lottery operators such as Magnum, Damacai & Sportstoto. Basically, we can call these companies as Number Forecast Operators and they are strictly governed by Bank Negera to ensure the fairness of the 4d games and well protected all consumers.

Let’s come a closer look at one of the 4d operator ‐ Magnum

Magnum 4d is managed by Magnum Corporation Sdn Bhd, also being public listed in Malaysia Stock Market, but was later de-listed following it privatization exercise. Magnum 4d is very strong in position it’s brand as the market leader in number forecast games, the brand deserved a well reputation in lottery market as it was the very first brand to be granted the gaming license in 1969.

Since 1969, Magnum 4d has been dominated the lottery betting market as it is the only legal 4d operator in Malaysia and the 4d games always have an easy ways to play, that what made all the malaysian crazy about the games. It obviously boosted Magnum 4d to monopoly the whole 4d market in Malaysia.

To further strengthen their market share, Magnum 4d had introduced a brand new game called Magnum 4d Jackpot in 2009 where this game will allows every player stand a chance to walk away millions ringgit. Who doesn’t want to be a millionaire, sounds really exciting! This new 4D jackpot is an extension of the classic 4d game and was well received and successfully attracted many players to bet with Magnum. The 4D jackpot is seen as an effort to draw punters from these underground operators as it promise a much higher payout of millions which these underground operators cannot provide.

More details about Magnum 4d? CLIKC HERE to visit to their official site.

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