New 4D tricks from syndicate?

Be aware of any 4D scam as reported by the national newspaper recently, The Police chief ACP in Tawau police reminded all the public of a 4D scam whose wipe away for more than RM 30,000 from the victims.
This is how the syndicate member trying to apporcah the victims by showing the victim a 4D ticket & claim that he has won between RM100,000 to RM500,000.The cash prize is pending for collecting due to lack of documentation. The syndicate member then encourage the victims to claim the prize on behalf of them and require a copies of ther MyKad or passport. The police said that the victim start to find out that they have been cheated when they returned, the synidate members are missing after the victim has make a copy of their IC. Just a friendly reminder on how to claim the cash prize from your 4D operators. for any cash prize win from the lottery, less than RM 2,000. The payment mode would be in cash normally. Any 4D payment above RM 2,000 shall be paid in Cheque from your respective 4D outlets. Always remember that you do not need to visit to the bank to collect your lottery winning.

Any payment above RM 60,000, you must present yourself at the regional office of the 4D operator. Let’s do not be greedy as there is no free lunch in this world