[Part 2]: 4D Number Game, feels the art of numerology – Toto, Magnum & 3D

Let’s focus on how to analyze certain groups of 4D numbers in order to increase your chance of winning so that you probably do not just burn your hard earned money. Maybe we can start from what i have learned from my 4D analytical data or 4D predictions so your guys can also do the same analysis at your side to gain a higher chance of winning. Many of you might think of taking advantages of the global financial crisis and grab some easy col hot cash by splashing your money into 4D number games.

You should have that mind set out of your mind by now. I would rather highly suggest you all to keep your hard earned money for good use and only make use a small portion amount to test out your luck in the lottery games. Bet smart to gain better chance of winning in your 4D games.  The question now is how to play SMART and strike the winning from Magnum 4D, 3D, Toto 4D or Da Ma Cai 4D

Things you MUST know before place a bet for your 4D prediction:

1)      Reserved some of your 4D winnings, do not throw all your money on the next draw.

2)      Never predict for your 4d winning number combination, you are not GOD

3)      Pay attention to the patterns in each draw, it might be a little hints for you.

4)      Never go for big amount for one 4D number combination, diversify your purchase to increase your chance of winning

5)      Do not brood a certain 4D number for an ages, that’s means  you are betting on the same number until it appears

6)      Always remember that repeating 4D number has a lower chance of getting drawn