[Part 2]: Spot your 4D pattern

Let’s continue our discussion on the ways to identify the 4D pattern in our ways. Always keep that in your mind that any 4D number combination are only good to bet for up to 3 weeks only. Their probability of winning is reducing gradually after all. In some countries where they apply Pick3 and Pick4 system, we need to analysis with at least 15 draws 4D results to better identify the trend.

I am still searching for any reliable resources for your guys to download any lottery program so that you can add in your own draws data in any country to predict winning numbers for Pick3, Pick4, 6/49 Lottos (or any other Lottos). No guarantee the site will allow you in without recommendations. Any donations of $10 will get a third party recommendation and set of 10 numbers. Rejection by the site will get your $5.00 refund back.
My eBook should be ready by August and I will also give away 3 of my earlier version programs. It still does the same thing like predict numbers, checking frequency or computing probabilities and percentages of “hitting a winner”. It was written in Qbasic language. You can alter, modify or do whatever you want and keep it and sell as your own program under your own copyright. Or you can buy it now for $9.90 and I will send it to you. Its easy even if you don’t know programming.

Play at your own discretion, Happy Winning!