Popular 4D numbers – Magnum

How anyone ever trying to study what the popular 4D numbers that always being drawn among the major lottery operators in Malaysia. I have done a comphensive research for your guys. These number could give us some significant feedback on how you want to predict your 4D winning combination and decide your bet amount. Let’s us review the top five 4D number from Magnum:

Top five 4D numbers & its frequency

3385 – 22 times
2154 – 21 times
3558 – 21 times
9800 – 21 times
2572 – 21 times

i strongly believe 90% of 4D punters in the market are always buying their lottery numbers derived from their houses, birth date, handphone numbers , car numbers etc. This is the main problem why they never strike 4D / Lottery or only strike 1 time every few years. With this historical 4D result, it give you a better view on which lottery mumber you should focus on for Magnum 4D.

Happy winning!