RM 10.6 Million was wiped away from Da Ma Cai 4D Jackpot

The lucky winner who walked way with this 4D Jackpot is in his late 50 and has been a regular punter with Da Ma Cai, persistently betting on his favorite numbers, derived from his vehicles’ registration number. Finally, these number made up the winning winning 1+3D Jackpot combination that is prized at RM10.6 mil. He claimed that his sister contacted him and informed his that he has won the jackpot and it was not a joke on sunday night. He could not believe it until his son confirmed the 4D jackpot result on Da Ma Cai official website. He strikes 10 million jackpot.

“I played the same numbers combination every draw for more than a year and dreamed of the joy of winning the jackpot. Here I am in reality”, the winner told of his delight.

The winner from Selangor said that he would continue his contribution to charity, which he does on a monthly basis and would think carefully on how to spend his fortune wisely for his retirement.

As per Da Ma Cai 4D, there is another big jackpot is waiting for the next lucky winner, it could be you. Many of the punters out there are hoping they will be the first to walk away this jackpot worth RM 6.8 million.