RM9,480,767.60 ToTo Winnings in the year of horse


The lucky businessman in his late 40’s, found out that he is the winner of Power Toto 6/55jackpot, he walked away RM9,460,967.60 worth 4D jackpot. This lucky 4D winner found out that he strike the lottery from the draw result on his smartphone prior the family vacation during CNY. One of the family memmbers suggested to cancel their chinese new year trip however his wife brushed off the idea as “siao” (“crazy” in Hokkien). The million ringgit fortune came in real handy which allows them to send their 2 teenage children overseas for studies, the 4D winning is more than enough to
pay for their school fees, but also an apartment for their children to stay near their school. He also added that he and his whole family had an amazing holiday with the thought of a huge 4D jackpot waiting for them when they returned from their holiday.

Happy winning 4D