Sabah 4d

Sabah 4d is the similar game like other 4d games such as Magnum 4d, Sportstoto where the punters need to select a 4d number range from 0000 to 9999 consists of over 10,000 probabilities of winnings.

The Sabah 4d, it is just like the other 4d games where the punter needs to consider a few important stuffs before they place a bet. As step 1, pick a 4 d number. Once you have the 4d numbers in your mind then you can decide the bet amount you would like to place on. Please be informed that the prize winnings in 4d games are multiplied with the bet amount you bet.

Next, decide to go for either Big or Small forecasts or both and the prize winning for each forecasts are as below:

For a minimum of RM1, if your number is drawn the prize winnings are:
Small Forecast:
First Prize: RM3,500
Second Prize: RM2,500
Third Prize: RM1,000

Big Forecast:
First Prize: RM2,500
Second Prize: RM1,000
Third Prize: RM500
Lucky Prize: RM200
Consolation Prize: RM60

There is total of 23 4d winning numbers being drawn on every draw day. Each numbers will be in every category and if any of the number you placed on has been drawn, then you are a winner. It is as simple as that.
In Sabah 4D, there are also the System game which is known simple as “Pau” where you can place on a specific 4 digit number on all its permutations or probabilities. This means that if your number is 0001, then you place on the numbers 0001, 0010, 0100, 1000 which means there is a total of RM4 if you place an RM1 on the number. If you play the i-Play, the game is reversed where you decide on the amount you want to place on and the probabilities are divided equally. That means for the number 0001, you place an RM1 and all the numbers share equally which is RM0.25 each.

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