Sandakan Turf Club 4d

A lots of people might not familiar with STC 4d however it also know as Sandakan Turf Club 4d, another 4d games available for players in Sandakan, Sabah. The brand is managing by Everise Ventures Sdn. Bhd, the principal operator of the Sandakan Turf Club (STC) 4D forecast pools in Sabah. As the country’s licensed operator, STC 4d has successfully developed the 4d forecast pools, with over 40 agencies throughout East Malaysia. The experienced a steady growth due to player’s loyalty to their 4d services. They trusted us, stayed with us and helped us grow because we are trustworthy and reliable.

The game logic od STC 4d is basically similar to the other 4d games provided by Magnum 4d, da ma cai 1+3d and etc. As usual, player needs to pick a 4d numbers from the range of 0000 to 9999 which consist of over 10,000 winning probability. If you are one of the lucky winner, you could probably win from RM 60 or up to RM 3500 payout with a minimum bet amount of RM1.

It is so simple to play this 4d game where you can always check out the 4d numbers historical data, let the statistics be your winning reference to predict the most favoured 4d winning numbers. The winning payout of 4d game is that your bet amount will be multiplied with the amount of the prize winnings. Apart from that, which operators you wana play is also important. There are 2 forecasts operators are available for you to choose from with a different winning scheme.

As usual, the draw day is on every Wednesday, Staurday and Sunday also special draw on Tuesday. At the end of the draw, there will be a total 23 winning 4d numbers drawn. Among the winning numbers, it consists of First, Second & Thrid prizes and 10 for special and consolation prizes each. If you place on the Big forecast, any of the 23 numbers matches with your 4d number, you are then eligible to a win but if you place on the Small forecast, you will only be eligible to win the top 3 prizes.

The prize winnings for both the forecasts are as follow:

Big Forecast:
First Prize: RM2,500
Second Prize: RM1,000
Third Prize: RM500
Starter Prize: RM200
Consolation Prize: RM60
Small Forecast:
First Prize: RM3,500
Second Prize: RM2,500
Third Prize: RM1,000

Kind reminder to always keep your lottery ticket properly and always in a good condition to claim your cash prize if you win. Upon your purchase, the lottery ticket is stated clearly for your bet amount, day of purchase as well as the ticket serial number.

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