Special 4d draw date

For all 4d number prediction diehard fans, I am pretty sure you always aware that the 4d games is available throughout the entire calendar and it come 3 times in a week. These are the date where you can play the 4d number game with the respective operators on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. We called these date as the standard draw day.

Special 4d draws usually fall on Tuesday and it is indeed special because these draws need to be approved and granted by the Government of Malaysia. The total number of special draws approved per year now is 22 and one of the main reasons for this special draw is to increase government coffers. However, on certain occasions and under certain circumstances, the operators will hold a Special Draw which comes about every other week. Special Draws usually fall on Tuesdays of the particular week and it is available as and when the particular operator obtains a special approval from the Ministry. Special Draws usually come about during occasions like Chinese New Year and most commonly during the birthdays of Ruler and Sultans as well as public holidays and you will be informed through a banner in the branches.

Just like the standard draw day, player can start bet on the game 7 days before of the draw day, ticket counters is open till 7pm of the draw day. The results will be released on the same days, usually around 7.30pm. Anyway, this special draw is not available on every lottery operator as they need applied for the approval from the Ministry, most of the operators will hold Special Draw days concurrently. It will be best to double check with the operators if they have a Special Draw day coming up or you could also drop by at www.664d.com for more details.

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