Sports ToTo 4D CNY Prosperity


More prosperous when it cames to the year of the horse for several new Sports ToTo 4D
millionaires. On 07 Jan 2014, a 60 mid businessman and his children who are the occasionally pooled money to bet on their lucky 4D numbers in Sports ToTO, it brings a total of RM 10 Million of Toto 4D Jackpot 1 through their winning pair of 4D numbers “1652 & 9392″. These 4D numbers are derived from their family members’ car plates. There is another happy go lucky case on 11 Feb 2014, Tuesday 4D Draw no : 4014/14), the lucky 40 something guy from Sarawak has won total of RM 3million from the Toto 6D 1st prize with his winning 4D number “818700”. The winning number was derived from his own car plate and that of the other party involved in a road accident.

Lucky enough during the year of horse, isn’t? Happy winning 4D