Spot your 4D pattern

There is always a pattern in all 4D games and if you have not yet managed to spot it out then you should have pay more attention in my 4D analysis below. In general, i named the grouping as 2b1s/2s1b in any given draw

[4D game] 2b1s – 2big 1small
[4D game] 2s1b – 2small 1 big
In every draw there is either a group belonging to 2b1s or 2s1b. In the 6 draws, 6 winning numbers belongs to 2s1b and 7 winning numbers belongs to 2b1s.

Imagine guys if you are following my 4D grouping strategy, you would have stand your chance to win up to 13 times!Some of the time even if we just bet lottery game in either 2s1b or 2b1s, you would have stand your chance to strike 4D for at least 6 TIMES! In average, you should strike lottery once in every draw so it is almost a guaranteed winning 4D game in every draw if you just bet 2s1b OR 2b1s. Betting on 4d game on 2big 1small is easier than betting on 1/10,000 numbers!

The next term that i am going to introduce is “filtering”, it goes through 3 YEARS of data and start “kicking” out those numbers that shouldn’t be there. The 4D result is a group or series of 4D numbers that shows 80% and above probability. Sometimes it can be 5 to 10 numbers but its much, much better compare to 1 in 10,000. For more details so please check out E-Book for many other methods which the program incorporates which YOU can emulate without the program.