Strike & Win 3D & 4D games – My Personal experience

In our old time, we used to ask how we could stand a chance to win any 4D games  to change our living standard. Can we actually strike a winning at these 4D games?

Ask a question for yourself now, Do you really want to win the 4D games? OF COURSE WE WANTED TO! LOL!! Then simply to read on and find out more.

First of all, a small story to shared with your guys that i used to know an elderly lady who is so crazy to visit to land based casinos, she told me that she had tons of fun during her visit because she know excatly how to pick up a winning numbers all the time! I asked her how it work actually and she smiled and replied to me: That’s my secret Young man!!
What i did was to stay behind her and observed her betting pattern, i found out that she is betting on almost every number for RM1 on the casino table. I questioned the lady for her move then she questioned me back ” Have you ever picked a winning 4D number?”. I replied ” Once in a while”. She continued and remarked, “See, you are not as smart as I am! I ALWAYS picked a winning number!”.

The difference between her and us are that WE are greedy and she is out for fun. It is this difference that gives us the high odds. If the odds are lower and if we have a better chance of coming up with a winner, then we feel happier.