The 4d lottery trend in Malaysia

Have you ever experienced that certain 4d number combination is not available to buy–in especially those popular & hot 4d numbers such as 1111, 2929. The reason behind when a certain 4d number combination is being restricted to buy–in because that particular combination is probably received a huge hedge–in from other customers so the operator need to control the risk thus the counter staff might informed you that the certain lottery number combination is no longer available to buy–in especially during the last 30 minutes of their operation hours while everyone is rushing to line up for their lottery tickets.

How to avoid this from happening? Always practice to buy your 4d number tickets as early as possible. The lottery outlets are also widely available throughout the nation, some are just within your neighborhood. Apart from Magnum 4d, Da Ma Chai & Sportstoto also offering several of 4d games, example Sportstoto is offering 6d jackpot where the customer can now to buy–in any 6 lottery number combination instead of 4 digits. It gives you a higher of winning chance.  On another hand, Da Ma Cai is offering an interesting lottery game called 3D and 1+3D which could be an alternate choice for all 4d die heart fans.

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