The 4d number selection method – The Wheeling Method.


There are several methods in the market to allows punters to select their 4D numbers favorite lottery games, besides the popular local vendor’s generated “Easy-Pick” or “Quick-Pic”.
The “wheel” method is one of the most common method among the 4D players and many of them manage to strike the lottery winning by using this tactics because it concidered among the most popular for generating lottery numbers combinations.
In fact, to impply this mehtods, it only strictly imply to Toto’s Jackpot6/42, Super 6/49 or Mega 6/52 or any other lotto games. I would highly recommended this strategy, it probably gives you a higher probability to win the 4D game and if you need an even higher probability, then you MUST form a syndicate. Single individual you cannot afford a ” wheel ” to have a very high winning chance because this strategy usually to pick 20 numbers out of 42, It is almost half of all numbers!

That is why punters and lottery programs uses this so much to emphasize their winning success methods.For your information, there are many types of wheels and each has their own guarantees.Good Luck!