The EGO Problem in 4D games

“I want 4D Results to follow what I buy to come out” – This is a typical EGO PROBLEM among all the 4D punters. LOL!! Who doesn’t want that huh? The actual fact is that there is no way for you and me to get in control of the 4D Results to follow the numbers that we buy. If we could, we probably are one of the millionaire.
All you have to know is just to spot the 4D numbers that will come out on the 1st Prize ( Or one of the TOP 3 Prizes) and buy that Winning Numbers!I have a crazy rule – DON”T BUY 4D LOTTERY Without the help and support of Deities or Ghosts. You know what the chances of striking 4D with Your own personal numbers is 23 / 10000 = 0.0023%
The chances of You to strike 4D with a TOP 3 PRIZE with your own personal numbers is 3 / 10000 = 0.0003%

Now, You know why You will never strike 4D Lottery anytime you want.