The power of Chinese Gods in 4D games

Among the oldies Chinese in Malaysia, i think most of them will believe that Chinese Gods Of Wealth is one of the powerful tool to sort out the winning 4D numbers!

So the question is that do we really need to seek help from the ghost / ghosts for your 4D numbers? Some of you may also want to pay and get engage with the service of a Taoist Master who can guide you to a graveyard and do a ritual to summon a ghost in order to provide you with a set of sure Win 4D Numbers. Believe it or not, i am sure many of the oldie Chinese did that just to feel the winning strike of lottery number or get a better hints for their up coming 4D prediction.
In return of this efforts, you probably need to pay and the payment terms could be burning of a stack of Hell Notes or doing a Ritual / Prayer for the ghost’s early rebirth, or help him / her to seek revenge on someone still alive.

Is this sounds logic for you all to get the ” win” in your 4D game? I will left it to you for your own judgement.
Happy winning 4D!