Thinking on how to play 4d games?

To play the 4d games, it is always vary by different punters however I am summarizing the simplified whole process into 3 steps as below:

Step1: You need to pick a 4D Number combination or you can always get the random combination generated by the computer in each operator outlet.

Step2: You then need to decide to bet your number on Big Forecast or Small Forecast. You can also bet both

Step3: Lastly, you decide the bet amount for each forecast.

Playing 4D game only required you to pick your preferred 4d number combination however, you should also study the basic and how the game is running so you are in a better position to control your games. 4d games could be an exciting game for most punters so always encourage responsible gaming although 4d games is a form of entertainment and should not place a burden on your life either financially or emotionally. The minimum bet per game is RM1, this may seem a minimal amount, but you need to consider for several factors before you step into any 4d outlets.

I will highlight the factors you need to take into consideration soon so please stay tuned at

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