ToTo 4D Jackpot worth of RM31,432,95 is won by a businessman

A super luck businessman from construction industry in Johor has won the Power Toto 6/55 Jackpot totaling RM31,413,151.10 on Saturday, 14 September 2013 (Draw No. 3940/13). Accordingly to this lucky 4D winner, he has been betting on the some set of winning 4D numbers which is 4, 8, 9, 21, 29 & 35 for over 20 years. Finaly, he has striked the Toto 6/55 Jackpot. These winning 4D numbers have been very motionally attached to the winner as they were thought up by him and his girlfriend while they were dating. Sounds very sweet, isn’t?

The luck 4D winner found out he won the 4D jackpot through a sms alert for draw results that he subscribes to, he admitted that was really great news and life-changing. He said he would use it to pay for the medical expenses of a family member who has been suffering from a chronic illness. By the way, this winner also won additional RN 19,000 due to he also betting on system 7, the 4D game gave him 7 combination of seven 4D numbers combination.

Happy winning 4D!