Two 4D jackpot is strikes in a day at Da Ma Cai

This is the highlight in 4D world as there are 2 lucky winners who have strikes the Da Ma Cai 1+3D Jackpot worth more than RM 604,000. The lucky winner have been betting on his favourite set of 4D numbers in a System 4 combination for the last 3 months persistently. On the same day, another lucky winner also walk away with Da Ma Cai Jackpot 2, worth more than RM201,000.
the lucky 4D winner felt very thankful to the sale assistance at the counter who persuaded him to try his luck by buying some Lucky Pick tickets. It happened that the lucky combination numbers of 5265 and 475 had brought him such great fortune in his 4D games. For you information, Da Ma Cai Jackpot is a brand new 4D game where there were 3 lucky winners have already won the lottery jackpot prize. As per Da Ma Cai, lots of lottery punters out there are hoping they will be the next winner to strike the Jackpot worth RM 6.5M. This 4D jackpot is still growing since 2014.

Just within a month ago, a lucky Da Ma Cai customer took home RM8.6 million from winning both the 1+3D Jackpot and the 3D Jackpot in a single day.