Welcome, The youngest 4D jackpot winner from Da Ma Cai 4D


The men in his late 30s has just strikes a 4D jackpot worth RM7.58mil with Da Ma Cai 1+3D Jackpot and he became the youngest winner to date. This young executive has just received a mega angpow right before the chinese new year. In fact, this youngest winner is not the feels his first win. He had scored first prize “a few times” in the past two years with 1+3D numbers, it was by far his biggest.

As per Da Ma Cai official statement, the winner was using “system bet” with the number derived from his car registration number and their IC numbers. Da ma Cai allows 4D punters to apply “system bet” to cover all possible pairing combinations of their favorite 1+3D numbers.

The minimum is three sets of 1+3D numbers to a maximum of 480 sets of 1+3D numbers. Two of the manager’s seven chosen numbers, “5225” and “3760” were the lucky digits which won him the huge cash prize on Jan 15. The winning ticket was sold in Taman Connaught, Cheras.