What is your all time personalized 4d numbers?

I am pretty sure that you might have the same practice to buy the same set of 4d numbers every week, hoping that the 4d numbers will win a prize some day later. In fact, there are other strategies that seem more justifiable such as your personal connection to the numbers. If you are going through a period of exceptionally good luck, buying your 4d numbers may increase your chance of striking 4d because of the close connection the numbers have to you personally.

I have some suggestion on how you can translate your personalized sets of 4d numbers into winning one:

1) Last four digits of your land line number, example 4101250, buy 1250
2) Last four digits of your mobile number, example 012266598, buy 6598
3) Plate number, example PUD 8481, buy 8481
4) Last four digit of your I/C, example XXXX-08-4726, buy 4726

Happy go lucky but please be aware that the popular toto 4d format such as the 6d so it might be hard to come up with such numbers than it is to simply find 4d numbers. Here is my advice when you would like to buy toto, I buy a combination of numbers sometimes, derived from my mobile, home unit number or I/C. However, I am becoming disillusioned with toto, particularly since the odds of striking a decent prize in Toto are much lower than 4d so I am enjoy buying 4d more these days.

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